Chief justice taney dred scott

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chief justice taney dred scott

The History Book Club - SUPREME COURT OF THE U.S.: #5 - CHIEF JUSTICE ROGER B. TANEY Showing 1-17 of 17

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Historic apology: Taney family apologies to descendant of a slave who sued for freedom

Chief Justice Taney Mr. Chief Justice Taney delivered the opinion of the court. This case has been twice argued. After the argument at the last term, differences .

The Human Factor of History: Dred Scott and Roger B. Taney

On March 6, , in the case of Dred Scott v. Taney ruled that African Americans were not and could not be citizens. Blacks could not vote, travel, or even fall in love and marry of their own free will — rights granted, according to the Declaration, by God to all. It was the culmination of ten years of court battles — Dred Scott's fight to live and be recognized as a free man. The High Court's decision went even further, declaring laws that restricted slavery in new states or sought to keep a balance between free and slave states, such as the Missouri Compromise, were unconstitutional.

Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Resource Bank Contents. Click here for the text of this historical document. Taney, declared that all blacks -- slaves as well as free -- were not and could never become citizens of the United States. The court also declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional, thus permiting slavery in all of the country's territories.

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Chief Justice Taney Mr. - Roger B. He was the first Roman Catholic to serve on the Supreme Court.

He delivered the majority opinion in Dred Scott v. Sandford , ruling that African Americans could not be considered citizens and that Congress could not prohibit slavery in the territories of the United States. Taney was born into a wealthy, slave-owning family in Calvert County, Maryland. He won election to the Maryland House of Delegates as a member of the Federalist Party , but later broke with the party over the War of He emerged as one of the most prominent attorneys in the state and was appointed as the Attorney General of Maryland in Taney supported Andrew Jackson 's presidential campaigns in and , and he became a member of Jackson's Democratic Party.



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  1. Roger B. Taney, in full Roger Brooke Taney, (born March 17, , Calvert county, Maryland, U.S.—died October 12, , Washington, D.C.), fifth chief justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, remembered principally for the Dred Scott decision (). He was the first.

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