Grace of a happy death

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grace of a happy death

Mass for the Grace of a Happy Death by Frank Gasper

Poetry. Frank Gaspars beautifully wrought poems in this exquisite book surge with the heat of human desire fueled by the luminosity of a transient grace. These are extraordinary poems-precise, musically complex, darkly radiant, and startlingly wise. Their power accrues exponentially, as Gaspars lamentations, half-spoken prayers, and songs of the flesh and spirit collide and merge into a seamless quest for an affirmation of existence, wherein each of us must walk so tenuously among the tenuous living---Maura Simon.
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A brief summary of these errors will give us a better appreciation of the truth and a clearer understanding of what the grace of a happy death really is. We shall.
Frank Gasper

Steps to Prepare for a Happy & Holy Death

One of the most glorious events in the life of Jesus and Mary Mother of Jesus is the Assumption of Mary, body and soul into heaven. Some think it is called this because we assume Mary was taken up into heaven. But this is not so. The Assumption is a dogma of the Catholic faith and it can be deduced from Scriptures. Below are some verses to use to enhance your Rosary prayers and meditations on the Marys Assumption. For winter is now past, the rain is over and gone. The flowers have appeared in our land, the time of pruning is come: the voice of the turtle is heard in our land: The fig tree hath put forth her green figs: the vines in flower yield their sweet smell.

The fruit of the mystery for the Assumption is the grace of a happy death. Mary's most chaste spouse, St. Joseph is the patron of a happy death. He died in the arms of Jesus and Mary. There is no better way to die so no wonder he earned the honor of this title. A happy death was St.

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In the Roman Catholic culture in which I grew up, we were taught to pray for a happy death.
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In fact, in St. Joseph, whose feast day we celebrate March 19, we even have a patron saint who can help us obtain the grace of a happy death. But why should Joseph, foster-father of Jesus, be the patron of the dying and a happy death? His other patronages make much more sense, considering how little we actually know about him. However, because Jesus entrusts Mary to one of His disciples at His crucifixion, we can make the assumption that Joseph died before Jesus fulfilled His mission on earth. For generations, Catholics have painted a picture of Joseph breathing his last with Mary and Jesus by his side to comfort him. Mary and Jesus comforted him and promised protection and life to everyone who did good in the name of Joseph.

Of course—the last part of the Hail Mary! This being the truth we should do all in our power to attain the grace of a holy and a happy death which will determine for all eternity our eternal destiny—either heaven or hell; there is no other possibility! We will offer ten short suggestions on how we can all attain the grace of all graces—the grace of a holy and happy death. May Our Lady intercede for us so as to attain this most sublime goal! Time is of the Essence! All of us should imitate the saints and strive to live each day of our lives as if it were the very last day of our life.

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