Walk two moons chapter questions

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walk two moons chapter questions

The Walk Two Moons Chapter 1-2 quiz: 5 questions by Anna

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Walk Two Moons, Chapters 12 16

Walk Two Moons

All rights reserved. That night after Mr. Birkway reads from Sal and Phoebe's journals , Sal goes over to Phoebe's house for dinner, and while she's there, Mr. Birkway comes to visit the Winterbottom household. He tells them he wants to apologize for reading Phoebe's journal out loud.

In Chapter 28, the travelers stop at Mount Rushmore but are disappointed. Their next stop is Yellowstone. In Chapter 29, Gram asks Sal to go on with her story about Phoebe. Sal agrees to go to the police station with Phoebe. There, Phoebe meets Sergeant Bickle and tells him she believes her mother has been kidnapped and might be in danger. She provides the messages left on the porch and the strands of hair she found in the house.

Directions: For each set of chapters, define the vocabulary words using a dictionary or syllusive.com Don't forget to write the part of speech. The questions are.
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Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, Vocabulary. - Why does Sal resent Margaret Cadaver? What emotional breakthrough helps her overcome that resentment?

Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is a story within a story, a story about stories, a travelogue, and a fable all rolled into one. It is about kisses, families, cultural identity, redemption, education, travel, death, and love. Sharon Creech's Newbery Medal-winning book is the rare novel that students will choose on their own, but is also appropriate for classroom discussion. A year before the start of the story, year-old Salamanca Sal Tree Hiddle and her father moved from their Kentucky farm to a small Ohio town. Prior to the move Sal's mother went on a bus trip to Idaho and never returned.

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  1. Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. Vocabulary and Discussion Questions. Assignment 1. Read chapters 1 and 2 pages Vocabulary: imagination pg; 2, .

  2. Study Guide for. Walk Two. Moons by Sharon Creech. T H E. G L E N C O E Answer Key and Assessment Rubrics: detailed answers to all questions and reading activities and evaluation for .. read a chapter, have groups discuss the events.

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