When was george whitefield born

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when was george whitefield born

George Whitefield Quotes (Author of Select Sermons of George Whitefield With An Account Of His Life By J.C. Ryle)

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J. C. Ryle - George Whitefield: His Life and Ministry (Christian audio book)

George Whitefield, (born Dec. 27, , Gloucester, Gloucestershire, Eng.—died Sept. 30, , Newburyport, Mass. [U.S.]), Church of England evangelist who.

George Whitefield (1714-1770)

Son of Thomas Whitefield and Elizabeth Edwards. George Whitefield December 27 [O. December 16] — September 30, , also known as George Whitfield, was an English Anglican preacher who helped spread the Great Awakening in Britain, and especially in the British North American colonies. He was one of the founders of Methodism and of the evangelical movement generally. He became perhaps the best-known preacher in Britain and America in the 18th century, and because he traveled through all of the American colonies and drew great crowds and media coverage, he was one of the most widely recognized public figures in colonial America.

George Whitefield was an English evangelist whose preaching in America climaxed the religious revival known as the Great Awakening. George Whitefield was born in the Bell Tavern, Gloucester. This tavern, of which his father was proprietor, located in a rough neighborhood, was his childhood home. His later confessions of early wickedness were probably exaggerated, but they can be understood as belonging to this setting. His first religious raptures also belong to these early years.

Whitefield was a forerunner to modern-day evangelical revival preachers

Largely forgotten today, George Whitefield was probably the most famous religious figure of the eighteenth century., George Whitefield was one of the most dynamic and famous Christian ministers of the 18 th century, yet today remains relatively unknown.

Please use the Banner of Truth UK site. George Whitefield was born at Gloucester in All this, he says, went on till he was fifteen years old. Poor as he was, his residence at Gloucester procured him the advantage of a good education at the Free Grammar School of that city. Here he was a day-scholar until he was fifteen. The only known fact about his schooldays is this curious one, that even then he was remarkable for his good elocution and memory, and was selected to recite speeches before the Corporation of Gloucester at their annual visitation of the Grammar School.

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  1. There he joined the " Holy Club " and was introduced to the Wesley brothers, John and Charles , with whom he would work closely in his later ministry.

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