Dragonlance towers of high sorcery

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dragonlance towers of high sorcery

Towers of High Sorcery by Jamie Chambers

Jamie Chambers was born in Atlanta and grew up running around barefoot in the pine forests and kudzu fields of north Georgia. The son of a Trekkie and an early D&D player, Jamie was doomed early to a life of geeky pursuits. He began playing role playing games at the age of seven and writing his own fiction at eight.

He spent his youth reading fantasy and science fiction, reading comic books, watching cartoons, and playing any game he could get his hands on -- video games, board games, card games, and especially role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons. Eventually he became an online volunteer for TSR, Inc. while the Internet was in its infancy and became involved with the RPGA (Role Playing Game Association) as a club president and convention coordinator.

After a lifetime of creating (and playing) games and writing (and reading) stories, Jamie has launched Signal Fire Studios LLC, creating game and entertainment products. Hes had stories, game products, and articles published by many companies and is pursuing creative writing projects for publication. Jamie served as Vice President on the board of directors for GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association), the trade organization for the hobby games industry for more than eight years.

After nearly a decade in Wisconsin, Jamie has returned to north Georgia.
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List of Dragonlance locations

The Towers of High Sorcery are famous buildings in the fictional Dragonlance universe. Wild magic, or elemental magic, has always existed on Krynn. The coming of the Grey Gem, however, loosed what could be considered "modern" sorcerous powers into the world.
Jamie Chambers

Tower of High Sorcery - Palanthas

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It is the home of the Great Laboratory, the greatest magical research facility in all of Krynn. This tower is the principal site for the crafting of the most powerful of magic items, including the famed Dragon Orbs. When it was orginally built, it was built with white marble walls and crimson minarets.
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  1. The Towers of High Sorcery are famous buildings in the fictional Dragonlance universe. Wild magic, or elemental magic, has always existed on Krynn.

  2. The Towers of High Sorcery were built as places for wizards of all three types of High Sorcery to come and study. The Towers were built by.

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