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price vs cost zig ziglar

Zig Ziglars Secrets of Closing the Sale Quotes by Zig Ziglar

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Published 26.12.2018

See You at the Top - Zig Ziglar [audiobook]

Cost vs Price – Zig Ziglar

Famous entrepreneur and speaker Zig Ziglar once told an amusing story about the difference between cost and price. After finding out that the price was more than he was willing to spend, he ventured to the local discount store. He was able to purchase a bicycle for almost half the price and felt pretty good about it. Several months later the handlebars needed replacement. Then a few months along it was the entire sprocket apparatus, including the brakes. Another 90 days or so the bearings in the front wheel went haywire, and so on and so on…. Eventually, Zig threw in the towel and bought the more expensive Schwinn bicycle that his son rode for about 10 years without any necessary repairs.

“Price Vs. Cost” – My Zig Ziglar Sales Success Story (Video)

How we change what others think, feel, believe and do. Do not talk about price. Instead, talk about the total cost of ownership, including service, replacement and so on. It is often good to scale this price to annual, monthly or weekly cost, where the overall cost may appear scarily high. Competing systems may seem cheaper, but when you take into account installation, maintenance and the lifetime of the product, this system is about half the price!

Small Business. Pricing of your product or service is one of the most vital decisions you can make in your business. Yet, if your company is like many, you may decide on the price based on judgment without objectively assessing how customers value the different components of your offering. As a result, you may undervalue the products and services you sell and not capture the inherent profits you can earn. Buyers assess the perceived value and price of a product before deciding what they are willing to pay. Since both perceived value and price are arbitrary, how you market your products and services can influence both.

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  1. He figured that was an awful lot of money for a bicycle his son was going to tear apart anyways while learning to ride one.

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