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king faisal 1 of iraq

Forgive Quotes (495 quotes)

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King Faisal of Iraq visits England, 1933

Faisal I bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashemi was King of the Arab .. of one strong one, and from King Fuad of Egypt and Ibn' Saud, who both saw themselves as the rightful leaders of the Arab world.

The enlightened king of Iraq

ISBN: Cloth. It is unlikely to be dislodged as the standard treatment for some time to come. Skip to main content. Description Reviews Awards. The first major biography of the founder of modern Iraq, a charismatic champion of Arab independence and unity Born in , King Faisal I of Iraq was a seminal figure not only in the founding of the state of Iraq but also in the making of the modern Middle East.

Realizing that he would have to make concessions , he negotiated the agreement accepting French military occupation of Lebanon and the Syrian coastal regions as far north as Alexandretta modern Iskenderun, Tur. In January he returned to Damascus, where he was unable to calm the violent resentment aroused by the news of French pretensions. Most Arab leaders did not understand the futility of resisting French military power and the consequent pressures under which he had laboured in Paris. Meanwhile, Britain had established a sphere of influence in Iraq. His ability to command widespread support in Iraq as well as Syria provided a continuing indication of nationalistic feeling among Arabs of the entire Fertile Crescent.

Faisal fostered unity between Sunni and Shiite Muslims to encourage common loyalty and promote pan-Arabism in the goal of creating an Arab state that would include Iraq , Syria and the rest of the Fertile Crescent. While in power, Faisal tried to diversify his administration by including different ethnic and religious groups in offices. However, Faisal's attempt at pan-Arab nationalism may have contributed to the isolation of certain religious groups. He grew up in Istanbul and learned about leadership from his father. Following the Ottoman Empire's declaration of war against the Entente in December, , Faisal's father sent him on a mission to Constantinople to discuss the Ottoman's request for Arab participation in the war.

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Lead book review. Alan Rush. Many people, including Iraqis, seem unaware that it was a monarchy until

Faisal I of Iraq. By Ali A. Buy from Amazon. The received view is that he was a failure, since the British-backed monarchy he helped to establish was swept away by a military coup in Some Arab nationalists have gone further, branding him a traitor to their cause and a slave to the imperialists. Faisal entered history with the Arab revolt of , made famous by Lawrence of Arabia. He had been born in western Arabia to the Hashemite family, which claimed descent from the Prophet.

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