Story of lord mahavira in english

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story of lord mahavira in english

Mahavira Quotes (Author of Jaina Sutra)

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Bhagwan mahavira life full story animated film

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He expounded the spiritual, philosophical and ethical teachings of the previous tirthankaras from the remote pre-Vedic era. He was the spiritual successor of 23rd tirthankar Parshvanatha. He abandoned all worldly possessions at the age of 30 and left home in pursuit of spiritual awakening , becoming an ascetic. Mahavira practiced intense meditation and severe austerities for 12 years, after which he is believed to have attained Kevala Jnana omniscience. He preached for 30 years and is believed by Jains to have attained moksha in the 6th century BC, although the year varies by sect.

Lord Mahavira, also known as Vardhamana, was the twenty-fourth and last Jain Tirthankara (spiritual teacher). Let's take a look at his life, teachings and.
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Life History

Both Mahavira and the Buddha belonged to the Vedic Indian tradition. They were born into the warrior caste ksatriya , and lived in eastern India, in an area of the Ganges valley including the modern state of Bihar. - Mahavira BC was the last Jainist Tirthankara. When it comes to the values of Jainism, Lord Mahavira deserves a special mention, as he was the one to establish the ethics that are ruling the whole Jain community today.

Brabanki U. The name of his wife was Trishala Priyakarini. Both of them lived at 7 storeyed Nandyavarta Palace of Kundalpur. In the morning she asked her husband King Siddharth the meaning of her dreams. He told her with lot of happiness- "O Devi Trishala! Yor are very lucky because the great soul of Lord Tirthankar has come in your womb. After nine months and seven days a son more lustrous than the Sun, was born to queen Trishala without any pain in the night of Chaitra Shukla

Lord Mahavir, as usual, was always going from one place to other, he stopped near a big tree to meditate. While he was meditating, a cow herder came there with his cows. The cow herder wanted someone to look after the cows so he can go somewhere to finish something else he wanted to do. The cow herder asked Lord Mahavir if he would look after his cows for a few hours. Lord Mahavir was in deep meditation, and did not reply to the cow herder. However, the cow herder went away thinking that Lord Mahavir had heard him. In a few hours, the cow herder returned and found that his cows were missing.


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