Things to do when its raining

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things to do when its raining

Things to Do When Its Raining by Marissa Stapley

Two families are torn apart by secret pasts and broken hearts—from Globe and Mail-bestselling author Marissa Stapley.

When secrets tear love apart, can the truth mend it?

Mae Summers and Gabriel Broadbent grew up together in the idyllic Summers’ Inn, perched at the edge the St. Lawrence river. Mae was orphaned at the age of six and Gabe needed protection from his alcoholic father, so both were raised under one roof by Mae’s grandparents, Lilly and George. A childhood friendship quickly developed into a first love—a love that was suddenly broken by Gabe’s unexpected departure. Mae grew up, got over her heartbreak, and started a life for herself in New York City.

After more than a decade, Mae and Gabe find themselves pulled back to Alexandria Bay. Hoping to find solace within the Summers’ Inn, Mae instead finds her grandparents in the midst of decline and their past unravelling around her. A lifetime of secrets stand in the way of this unconventional family’s happiness. Will they be able to reclaim the past and come together, or will they remain separate islands?

From the bestselling author of Mating for Life comes a powerful story about guilt, forgiveness and the truth about families: that we can choose them, just as we choose to love.
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BOAT LIFE: What We Do When It's Raining Outside

In addition to ruining your hair, rain has a habit of ruining outdoor spring and summer dates.
Marissa Stapley

Indoor Activities: 35 Ways To Spend a Rainy Day in NJ

These ideas are good for families, groups of friends or roommates, or kids on their own hallelujah! There are relaxing activities—because when do you ever get the time to relax? Embrace the day as time to recharge and reconnect with people you love. The sun will probably come out tomorrow. Children in the house?

Show less There are plenty of things to keep you occupied while indoors, from fun activities like playing games and going to museums to productive activities like getting chores done and exercising. When the rain puts a damper on your day, turn it around with something fun like a movie marathon or playing video games. You can also bake some cookies and make hot cocoa to beat rainy day munchies, and an impromptu dance party can help you work off the calories. If you're bummed you can't go outside, bring nature indoors by setting up a tent and sleeping bag so you can camp inside. Or, you can build a fort with pillows and blankets and play board games and do arts and crafts in it! To learn fun things you can do outside of the house, read on!

Spend a day exploring Adventure Aquarium. Photo courtesy of the aquarium. Photo courtesy of Around the Corner.
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