Inventions of 2000 to 2017

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inventions of 2000 to 2017

The Greatest Inventions of the Past 2,000 Years by John Brockman

The editor and literary agent John Brockman recently challenged the salon of scientists that he hosts on his website by asking: What is the most important invention of the past two thousand years? Not content to be merely right, his contributors vied for originality, provocativeness and intellectual panache. This book provides a showcase for more than a hundred of their responses, which are as varied, and in some cases strange, as the participants themselves. Gutenbergs printing press wins the most endorsements and passing nods. But the neuroscientist Colin Blakemore and others argue for the birth-control pill. The biologist Richard Dawkins nominates the spectroscope. The physicist Freeman Dyson makes a case for hay. John Maddox, the former editor of Nature, favours the calculus. Computers, genetic engineering, the atom bomb, board games, mirrors, anaesthesia, paper, Western classical music and reading glasses all have their champions, as do ideas such as the scientific method, democracy, the number zero and the concept of the unconscious mind. The result is a wonderfully eclectic, lively and stimulating collection, full of intriguing new ideas, and new perspectives on old ideas.
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Inventions That Shook The World - The 1990s (Episode 10)

Important Inventions 2000-2010

The new Millennium got off to a great start where the world of gadgetry was concerned. For our 20 best we selected only actual gadgets—no websites like YouTube or Facebook, no software programs and no innovative companies like Netflix. From listening to music to trips to the lavatory, each of these gadgets has made life a little more enjoyable. Congrats to the inventors—now quit dawdling on the video-camera watch and the personal jetpack. Josh Jackson.

On any normal day, you might buckle your seatbelt, get cash from an ATM, check the news on your cellphone. Thanks to six and a half decades of remarkable scientific and technological innovation, looks very little like From Velcro to virtual reality, LEDs to Facebook, these are the 65 top life-changing inventions of our time. In Raytheon's Percy Spencer stands in front of a magnetron the power tube of radar and feels a candy bar start to melt in his pocket: He is intrigued. When he places popcorn kernels in front of the magnetron, the kernels explode all over the lab. Ten years later Spencer patents a "radar range" that cooks with high-frequency radio waves; that same year, the Tappan Stove Co.

Contact us at editors time. Personal robots , such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, have come a long way in recent years. Jibo is different. And while that technology may seem merely amusing—or creepy, depending on your point of view—it could fundamentally reshape how we interact with machines. Jibo still has a lot to learn. Buy it. For the millions of people who are legally blind, navigation is a routine challenge.

USB flash drive, 2000

Can you even recall a time when you didn't " Google? Or when you couldn't surf the Web, send an e-mail and take a picture from a palm-sized device that fits in your pocket? The past 10 years have given us countless innovations that improve — and confuse — our daily lives. From Internet technology to finance to genetics and beyond, advances in science and technology have changed the way we communicate, relate to one another and think about what it means to be a modern human being. If you want to find directions to a location or track your employees, child or even spouse , a bevy of accurate, affordable GPS-enabled devices can make that possible. But that wasn't always the case. Until May 2, , the United States intentionally degraded GPS signals available to the public for national security reasons.

Feb 16, Facebook was invented in Februrary and is now one of the essential parts of a human life. Through Facebook, you can share photo's, ideas and thoughts with your friends and family. Photo From: forbes. Youtube was invented in and became a worldwide website where you can watch free videos uploaded by people. Photo From: youtube.

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