Mary todd beam workshops 2018

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mary todd beam workshops 2018

Celebrate Your Creative Self: More Than 25 Exercises to Unleash the Artist Within by Mary Todd Beam

Your capacity to create is unlimited!

Celebrate Your Creative Self helps you act upon your artistic inspirations and joyfully appreciate the creative process. Youll develop the skills you need to express yourself and explore your favorite mediums. Step-by-step demos show you how to:

Capture and manipulate light in your work
Experiment with new and unusual painting surfaces
Break the rules of color composition that inhibit your creativity
Create your own dynamic designs for paintings with more impact
Add layers of meaning to your work with the symbolism inherent in both man-made objects and natural elements
Imbue your work with a touch of fantasy and recapture the magic you remember from childhood
Move beyond traditional 2-dimensional painting into 3-D reconstruction
And much, much more!
Once youve built up such a repertoire of skills, youll be able to turn any idea into finished art by applying the techniques that best accommodate your inspiration. Youll also learn how to tap the deepest recesses of your creative wellspring by taking risks, getting personal and making meaningful statements with your work.

No matter what your medium, no matter what your level of skill, Celebrate Your Creative Self can help make your artistic dreams a reality!
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Published 26.12.2018

"An Acrylic Journey" with Mary Todd Beam

In the first project Mary Beam strives to achieve order out of the visual chaos of a garage sale. She uses a view finder to isolate her subject and proceeds to simplify the objects into more basic shapes. In the second painting, Mary encourages you to look inward for inspiration.
Mary Todd Beam

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Artist Statement Mary Martin Inspired by the beauty of seasonal changes in the landscape, and the moment-to-moment variations in the sea and sky, I am compelled to covey the emotions they evoke in me as an expression of praise and gratitude to the Creator of All. Choosing a scripture that illustrates nature praising God is often the starting point of a painting or collage. The chosen scripture is handwritten on small strips of paper and placed in water. Using a layering process that begins by saturating a sheet of watercolor paper with the blessed water, light washes of fluid acrylic paint are brushed across the paper. Strips of plastic wrap, torn pieces of wax paper and rice paper, and cuttings of cotton gauze are laid on the paper. Each of these elements is painted in turn with deeper washes of color. Just before they dry, the pieces are removed, revealing layers of texture beneath.

The workshop program is structured for both students and professionals alike. Participants may register for any one or all of the workshop weeks. Some participants may wish to sign up for consecutive week classes. Our instructors are renowned as teachers, jurists, authors and artists in the United States and abroad. Immerse yourself in the instruction in this beautiful, unique environment with your favorite media and find the results you want: enhanced creativity, wonderful experience and technique, and new friends.

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