Training a new puppy to sleep at night

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training a new puppy to sleep at night

Puppy Sleep Training: Step-by-step Guide To Getting Your Puppy To Finally Sleep The Entire Night! - Puppy Crate Training by Carl Bambino

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Published 27.12.2018

First Night with NEW PUPPY! ?? How to Survive Your First Day Home

How to Train a Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

You bring home your cuddly fluffpup - you are overflowing with parental emotions for this little scrap and determined to do the best for her. Trouble is, that cuddly fluffpup turns into a screeching monster as soon as you put your head on your pillow. The puppy is now refreshed and ready to start the day. Next night you eschew your comfy double bed and start out on the sofa. You wake up hearing chewing and crunching noises as your puppy discovers the interesting textures of your computer cables.

They are cute and fun to cuddle or play with, but also poop a lot and throw occasional tantrums. Everyone has heard horror stories about parents kept awake all night by an unhappy baby. Luckily for you, getting a puppy to sleep through the night is usually pretty easy! Like their human counterparts, dogs are most active during the day and naturally prefer to sleep at night. Even if they take frequent naps, they will still usually go into a deep, extended sleep at night. Your puppy will already be started on this activity cycle when he comes home, although like other baby animals, he may not be able to hold his bladder very well at first. These familiar scents will help him to relax and settle in.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Read more here. Has your new puppy been waking you up at night? Are you wondering why your puppy won't sleep? But the time and dedication you put in now will help you reach that point sooner before sleep deprivation makes you start speaking in tongues to shadow people. Check out the tips below so you and your puppy can get back to that deep REM sleep as soon as possible.

Much like babies, puppies can be a handful when you first bring them home! From getting used to a new environment to learning the ins and outs of being potty trained, a puppy can sometimes have a difficult time adjusting the first few days in their new dwelling. Like us humans, dogs are diurnal—meaning they are active during the day and inactive through the night. Even if dogs take naps throughout the day, they are still apt to sleep deeply during the late hours of the night and the wee hours of the morning. Your puppy will be completely exhausted from the excitement of the move, falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night. Your puppy will have a difficult time settling into your home and cry throughout the night, even if the rest of the day went smoothly.

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