Home ain t where his heart is anymore chords

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home ain t where his heart is anymore chords

The Complete Phil Ochs: Chords of Fame by Phil Ochs

Melodies, with guitar chords & diagrams.
The last days of Phil Ochs, by Tom Nolan, pp. 14-28.
Bach, Beethoven, Mozart & me
Basket in the pool
The bells
Bound for glory
Boy in Ohio
Cannons of Christianity
Chords of fame
Cops of the world
Cross my heart
Doesnt Lenny live here any more
The doll house
Draft dodger rag
The floods of Florence
Flower lady
Gas station women
Half a century high
The harder they fall
Heres to the state of Richard Nixon
The highwayman
Hills of West Virginia
I aint marching anymore
I kill therefore I am
Im gonna say it now
In the heat of the summer
Is there anybody here?
Ive had her
Jim Dean of Indiana
Joe Hill
Links on the chain
Lou Marsh
Love me, Im a liberal
My kingdom for a car
My life
No more songs
One more parade
One way ticket home
Outside of a small circle of friends
The party
Pleasures of the harbor
Power & the glory
Pretty smart on my part
Rehearsals for retirement
Rhythms of revolution
Santo Domingo
The scorpion departs but never returns
Tape from California
That was the president
There but for fortune
The thresher
Too many martyrs
The war is over
Whats that I hear?
When Im gone
When in Rome
White boots marchin in a yellow land
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Shania Twain - Home Ain't Where His Heart Is Anymore (Radio Edit)

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Nothing much to [G]do. And the time that he served, Had sha[Bb]ttered all his nerves, And l[C7]eft a little shrapnel in his k[F]nee. Little pi[F]tchers have big ears, Don't st[Dm]op to count the years, Sw[G7]eet songs never last too long on br[C7]oken radios. Sam S[F]tone's welcome home Didn't l[Bb]ast too long. Well, he played his last request, While the r[Bb]oom smelled just like death, With an ove[C7]rdose hovering in the [F]air. Repeat Chorus:. Well, he calls me up twice a year Just ask me how'd it [G7]go Pretty g[C]ood, not bad, I can't compl[G]ain Ac[D7]tually everything is just about the sa[G]me [G]I met a girl from Venus, and her insides were lined in gold Well, she did what she did said "How was it, kid?

D E A He knew how to reach me deep inside D E A And he found a part of me I could not hide D E F#m And we'd walk and talk and touch.
did i mention i love you tome 3

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Shania Twain - Home Ain't Where His Heart Is (Anymore)

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