Nappily ever after soundtrack songs

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nappily ever after soundtrack songs

Nappily Ever After (Nappily, #1) by Trisha R. Thomas


What happens when you toss tradition out the window and really start living for yourself?

Venus Johnston has a great job, a beautiful home, and a loving live-in boyfriend named Clint, who happens to be a drop-dead gorgeous doctor. She also has a weekly beauty-parlor date with Tina, who keeps Venuss long, processed hair slick and straight. But when Clint--whos been reluctant to commit over the past four years--brings home a puppy instead of an engagement ring, Venus decides to give it all up. She trades in her long hair for a dramatically short, natural cut and sends Clint packing.

Its a bold declaration of independence--one that has effects she never could have imagined. Reactions from friends and coworkers range from concern to contempt to outright condemnation. And when Clint moves on and starts dating a voluptuous, long-haired beauty, Venus is forced to question what she really wants out of life. With wit, resilience, and a lot of determination, she finally learns what true happiness is--on her own terms. Told with style, savvy, and humor, Nappily Ever After is a novel that marks the debut of a fresh new voice in fiction.
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Nappily Ever After: A Journey Told Through Hair

Check out Nappily Ever After soundtrack and 27 songs. Listen all music online. Dive into movie atmosphere again. How does this film tackle its message? First, we'll tell you what the movie is about and our initial thoughts then we'll move on to our spoiler free likes and dislikes, we'll finish up with some spoiler heavy thoughts on this film, and our final word Nappily Ever After follows a story of a woman who Becomes tired of waiting for her longtime boyfriend to propose and impulsively shaves her prized hair, leading her to discover parts of her life? She never realized were there overall. This was an alright film for a Netflix original, it's better than expected, but unfortunately it feels too generic and really doesn't ever Wow for what I liked about this film.

Nappily Ever After is yet another fantastic romantic comedy on the Netflix Original movie lineup. The film was originally in development way back in by Universal pictures with Halle Berry listed to play the lead role but was subsequently dropped after rewrites on the script. It took 14 years for it to come back again when in an announcement was made by Netflix. Everything has to be perfect for Violet Jones but most important of all her hair. After leaving her longtime Boyfriend and seeing him with another woman, she decides to make a drastic change to that of which she thought was perfect.. After an accident at the hair salon, and her life crumbling around her Violet shaves off her hair. Another good not great adaptation that adds to the growing list of romantic comedies on Netflix but manages to do enough to set it aside from the rest.

Estelle "Woman's World"

Netflix is continuing its foray into rom-coms and one of the latest is Nappily Ever After , which was released on September The film follows a woman named Violet Sanaa Lathan , who has tried to be perfect her entire life, including having the perfect hair, but after some major changes go down, decides to shave it all off. The movie shows Violet going through many ups and downs and the songs in Nappily Ever After mirror that journey some of them very literally. While an official soundtrack has not be released at least not yet , all of the songs are, of course, listed in the end credits of the movie. They've also been rounded up by users on Tunefind, including for many of them descriptions of the scenes in which the songs played. Those who watched the movie have also been asking questions about particular tracks and moments in the comments section on the site, with other viewers providing them with the answer. So while the end credits are certainly helpful, if you need to know what was playing when Violet took Will to her mom's cookout, then the people of Tunefind have your back.

Main Title Sequence. Estelle - Woman's World - Single. Violet struts into her office. Add Scene Description. The California Honeydrops.


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  1. Directed by Haifaa al-Mansour, it is a story that displays the struggle of being a black woman in a world that holds them to unrealistic beauty standards.

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