Blood sugar diet success stories

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blood sugar diet success stories

The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet: Lose Weight Fast and Reprogramme your Body by Michael Mosley

I am a big fan of Dr Michael Mosley - and this one did not disappoint.

My View:
It is not secret I am a big fan of Dr Michael Mosley – I love listening to him (he has a great voice) and I am intrigued by the lengths he goes to test a hypothesis – he uses his own body to conduct scientific experiments on and shares with the reader/viewer the process and the results. His advice is simple, easy to understand and based on science and medical knowledge (he s a qualified GP come film maker).

Before I started reading this book I came across a video “How to Stay Healthy, What the Latest Science Tells Us by Dr Michael Mosley at the All About Women Conference 2016. You can watch it here: I was inspired to read the book afterwards.

In this book Dr Mosley looks at the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes that has recently engulfed the world. Look around at your own family, friends and colleagues and tally up how many people you know that are at risk of or have already been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I don’t have to look very far to find a few who have already been diagnosed in my immediate family.

The book is informative and provides sections on: The Science - the why this disease is flourishing and ways to solve it. The Diet – talks about the core principles of the Blood Sugar Diet and is followed up with a Recipes and Menu Plan. This is a compact, easy to read, motivating read that will change your life. And if you listen carefully you will hear Dr Michael Mosley narrating the video playing in your head as you read – perfect!
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The 8 week blood sugar diet update - my experience

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We have not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. If you are have any health related symptoms or concerns, you should contact your doctor who will be able to give you advice specific to your situation. Hi HandP — I personally struggled with the and had very limited results, which is why I opted for the Fast and stuck with it to get to target weight. Thank you for your reply. I might give it a try and see how I get on.

We love to hear how the Fast has helped thousands of people around the world. Here is what just a few of our members have to say! Along came the Fast Programme and my wish was fulfilled. I refuse to be a slave to my health issues. I took my life back with this program. Thank you Dr Mosley and team for this life-changing experience. She could not believe it and was totally astounded when I got on the scales.

We decided to give the 8-week blood sugar diet a shot because we were feeling pretty lousy. As classic emotional eaters and yo-yo dieters, this new and somewhat drastic approach appealed because of its strictness, a new way of eating and the lure of a possible 2 stone weight loss. We are not type 2 diabetic but were both in the high-risk category for developing the disease. We conducted a delightful underwear-clad photo shoot, did our waist measurements and measured our blood pressure. This ranged from the obvious desire for a smaller wardrobe or rather the clothes that hang up in it , improvements in health, to it being easier to put our shoes on, to feel more confident and to have the choice of more than 5 shops when it came to clothes shopping…. We are now more than 8 weeks in and the results have been astounding! We both lost more than the 2 stone we were aiming for and feel and look a thousand times better.

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VLOG: Results of the 8 week blood sugar diet

You have decided to go for it. You have talked to your doctor, cleared your cupboards, and had some tests done. Yes, you are going to be living on calories a day for the next few weeks, but your body should adapt reasonably quickly. Some of it will be fat, but initially you will also be passing a lot of urine. It is essential that you drink at least two to three quarts of calorie-free fluid a day or you will become constipated and get headaches.



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  1. Hi HandP – I personally struggled with the and had very limited results, which is why I opted for the Fast and stuck with it to get to target.

  2. Dr Michael Mosley's 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet has been changing the . The most impressive success stories have come from people who.

  3. 6 weeks' ago I started the Blood Sugar Diet – which you can read There have also been stories of setbacks and failures which we can all.

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