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henry viii pictures to print

The Autobiography of Henry VIII: With Notes by His Fool, Will Somers by Margaret George

This is the story of Englands most famous, and notorious, king.

Henry was a charismatic, ardent - and brash - young lover who married six times; a scholar with a deep love of poetry and music; an energetic hunter who loved the outdoors; a monarch whose lack of a male heir haunted him incessantly; and a ruthless leader who would stop at nothing to achieve his desires. His monumental decision to split from Rome and the Catholic Church was one that would forever shape the religious and political landscape of Britain.

Combining magnificent storytelling with an extraordinary grasp of the pleasures and perils of power, Margaret George delivers a vivid portrait of Henry VIII and Tudor England and the powerhouse of players on its stage: Thomas Cromwell, Cardinal Wolsey, Thomas More and Anne Boleyn. It is also a narrative told from an original perspective: Margaret George writes from the Kings point of view, injecting irreverent comments from Will Somers - Henrys jester and confidant.
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Inside the Body of Henry VIII (Documentary)

Portrait of King Henry VIII, after 1557

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The Gallery holds the most extensive collection of portraits in the world. Search over , works, , of which are illustrated from the 16th Century to the present day. He is well known for his six marriages, and for ordering the dissolution of religious houses which took place between Aided by his ministers, Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell , his reign was characterised by ambition abroad and ruthlessness at home, firmly establishing the Tudor family as the ruling dynasty in England. His quest for a male heir and a divorce from his first wife Katherine of Aragon , led to his establishing himself as head of the Church in England in place of the Pope in

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During his year reign, this Tudor monarch is mostly remembered for marrying six times and for starting the English Reformation, which turned England into a protestant country. Learn more about this clever, handsome and popular king who won the hearts of the English people, but was also seen as a bully and a tyrant. Then use our printable resources below to test your findings. Henry had an older brother, Arthur, and two sisters, Mary and Margaret. As a young prince, Henry had a privileged education. He learnt many languages and could sing and play instruments. He also loved sport and hunting.

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