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friends meeting house cambridge ma

Quaker Silence (Elizabeth Elliot Mystery #1) by Irene Allen

What happens when murder strikes at the heart of the nonviolent Quaker community? Here is the debut of a refreshing and beguiling mystery series with a new sleuth in the time-honored tradition of Miss Marple - yet with a brilliant deductive style thats all her own. Elizabeth Elliot is a widow of some years and considerable moral authority. Since girlhood she has drawn inner strength from her beloved Quaker worship and just recently has been elected to serve as clerk of the Quaker Meeting in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Elizabeths worries about her ability to carry out the everyday duties of the job - leading the congregation in prayerful meditation, balancing the budget, etc. - are put aside, though, when she receives the shocking news that a prominent member of the meeting has been found murdered in his garden! The victim is John Hoffman, a wealthy businessman near retirement who is just preparing, he has announced to the entire congregation, to alter his will. Obviously many people would rather he did not leave most of his estate to charity, yet the police focus their investigation on Tim, a young homeless man who attends the meeting and whom John Hoffman occasionally hired to work in his garden. Not surprisingly, Tim is unable to supply a convincing alibi, yet Elizabeth is certain that he is innocent. She rises to the occasion, standing up to the police, who are eager to convict an indigent man, and doing some wildly inventive and daring detective work that makes surprising use of Quaker practices and philosophy. Before she finally confronts the killer, Elizabeth will sift through a myriad of red herrings and seemingly unrelated clues and secrets. For within the blessed Quaker silence is greed, forbidden love, and vengeful anger struggling to find a voice. Mixing timeless philosophy with contemporary concerns, Irene Allens Quaker Silence marks the beginning of an outstanding mystery series.
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Satigata, "Invocation," Friends meeting House, Cambridge, MA. Nov. 2018

Friends Meeting At Cambridge

North Shore Friends invites you to our program of "community building of Salem Quarter" through Friendly play. Program will be appropriate and fun for all age levels as long as you bring a willingness to have fun while in community with Friends. We will have activities, ice breaker, pumpkin decorating and apple pie. Our space may also be decorated beautifully by the children of Glen Urquart school in the theme of el dia de los muertos. The Mexican day of the Dead.

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Natural Dharma Fellowship is an organization of Buddhist practitioners offering basic meditation instructions in the Mahamudra and Dzogchen traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. - NDF Benefit Concert. Tickets are located in your account.

See the schedule page for a complete listing of events. In this first retreat of the series, students will be introduced to the principals of natural meditation, a practice common to the Dzogchen and Mahamudra traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Students of all levels are welcome. Scholarships available at the door. Students free with student ID.

We seek to experience God directly, within ourselves and in our relationships with others and the world around us. These direct encounters with the divine are where Quakers find meaning and purpose. Quakers share a way of life rather than a set of beliefs. These direct encounters with the Divine are where Quakers find meaning and purpose. Read More Search for one near you: you will be very welcome.

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  1. First time visiting Friends Meeting at Cambridge? Venturing out to a new religious community for the first time can be a challenge. Below we have tried to identify.

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