Step by step guide to vlookup

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step by step guide to vlookup

Excel 2019 Vlookup The Step-By-Step Guide by C.J. Benton

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Published 27.12.2018

VLOOKUP in Excel

Therefore, go ahead and download our free sample file below, open it and follow along….
C.J. Benton

Excel VLOOKUP Function Tutorial: Step-by-Step Guide and 11 Examples to Use VLOOKUP in Formulas

You can get immediate free access to these example workbooks by subscribing to the Power Spreadsheets Newsletter. You can find additional Tutorials in the Archives. To carry out a VLookup that looks up for an exact match , use a formula with the following structure:. In other words, LookupValue must be in the first column of the cell range you specify as LookupTable. The following image illustrates the results returned by the exact match VLookup formulas. As expected, the formulas in cells I9 to I12 do the following:. To carry out a VLookup that looks up for an approximate match , use a formula with the following structure:.

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VLOOKUP Excel 2010 (Simple)

Vlookup V stands for 'Vertical' is an in-built function in excel which allows establishing a relationship between different columns of excel. In other words, it allows you to find look up a value from one column of data and returns it's respective or corresponding value from another column. Let's take an instance of Vlookup as: Company Salary Table which is managed by the financial team of the Company — In Company Salary Table , you start with a piece of information which is already known or easily retrieved. Information that serves as an index. So as an Example: You start with the information which is already available: In this Case, Employee's Name To find the information you don't know: In this case, we want to look up for Employee's Salary Excel Spreadsheet for the above instance: Download the above Excel File In the above spreadsheet, to find out the Employee Salary which we don know - We will enter the Employee Code which is already available. VLOOKUP uses four arguments or pieces of data: Step 3 First Argument: the first argument would be the cell reference as the placeholder for the value that needs to be searched or the lookup value.


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