Fabulous facts about the 50 states

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fabulous facts about the 50 states

Fabulous Facts about the 50 States by Wilma S. Ross

Why wasnt I born In the u.s seriously ! :(
This is fabulous! *,* I wanna visit every single state and enjoy its culture , monuments, food(seafood <3 ! ) , roads, houses, historical monuments .. and whats that thing of sculpting mountains ! Is it an american habit? anyway i like it !
Its been an amusing book, i enjoyed discovering the states, their brief history , and the americans states thing generally (y)
i need to find this book and purchase it, i need my own copy, done of recopying every interesting info -_- ..
It just emphasised my feeling of being born and still living in the wrong place ..
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50 Facts For 50 States


Take a Tasty Tour of America s 50 States 1. In what state were both the lollipop and the hamburger-on-a-buninvented? Where do the largest watermelons grow and what s the distancerecord for spitting watermelon seeds? How big is the world slargest potato chip and where is it now? There s more to cuisine in America than just burgers and fries. Here s a mouthwatering journey across the United States where youll discove and learn how to make fabulous foods from every part ofthe country.

The Sunshine State of the United States of America, Florida is packed with thrill and plenty of unique facts that will leave your jaws dropped! There is much more to explore. According to National Geographic, the first people who lived in the place now called Florida arrived there some 12, years ago. These people were basically hunters and gatherers. They used to hunt small animals. They also gathered plants for meeting their food requirements. Over thousands of years that followed, many Native American tribes lived in the area.

Minnesota The oldest rock in the world, 3. Patrick's Day for leprechauns and snail races Pennsylvania The first magazine in America: the American Magazine, published in Philadelphia for 3 months in Rhode Island Rhode Island Red chickens, first bred in ; the start of poultry as a major American industry South Carolina The first tea farm in the U. Measured from the geographic center of the United States. See also:. World History. George Washington Carver, who discovered more than uses for peanuts.

Fabulous Facts About the 50 States [Wilma Ross] on syllusive.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents maps and facts about the population, size, .
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Driving across this vast country from one end to the other and experiencing the wildly different towns, terrains, and types of people is something that travelers from all over the world come to get a piece of. From prairies that seem to go on for eternity, to highways that twist through the densest of forests; from the sun reflecting off the ocean, to the snow that caps the highest mountains, this land we called America is truly beautiful. These are the oddities — the things that give America its personality; the things that pack no glam, but rather a whole lot of glory. Read on to see the roadside attractions that are as quirky as they come, and that will truly make your road trip one to remember. You know all those bags at the airport that go unclaimed? Whose owners never seem to find them? As the only shop of its type in the entire United States, the Unclaimed Baggage Center gets some serious traffic — more than a million annual visitors.

America is a young country — and a quirky one at that. In every state, we're celebrating just a few of our nation's most endearing little oddities. George Washington would be proud most of the time. Alabama is the only state to have an alcoholic beverage as its official drink — the Conecuh Ridge Whiskey , to be exact. Can't drink it on the rocks?

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