Harry potter 50 best moments

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harry potter 50 best moments

50 best fantasy books of the 21st Century (50 books)

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Published 31.12.2018

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

50 Times Harry Potter Made us Laugh Out Loud

Sign in. Alex Borstein , RuPaul , and other stars at the Emmys answer our fans' burning questions. Watch now. Go behind the scenes in the World of Harry Potter and explore the magic behind the creatures throughout the films. Dive deeper into the World of Harry Potter by focusing on the characters in the film and going behind the scenes with filmmakers. Rowling goes behind the scenes at the British Library to reveal some of the real-life counterparts to her characters. As Harry, Ron and Hermione race against time and evil to destroy the Horcruxes, they uncover the existence of the three most powerful objects in the wizarding world: the Deathly Hallows.

So, this week I thought I would post some of the worst moments in the movie franchise. As an indication that the movies were generally very good, honest adaptations of the books, there are only 10 horror moments in this list compared to the 15 good ones. Harry has just discovered that Sirius Black not only told Voldemort where his parents were hiding out, but was also their best friend and his Godfather. In a fit of emotional distress, he leaves the Three Broomsticks and heads into the forest. It is here that Hermione and Ron come across him, weeping the most pitiful weep you will ever hear in your life. Which film?

Dumbledore's drinking game

Some may argue the Harry Potter films cannot be improved, but some of the best moments are missing or laying on the cutting room floor. The Boy Who Lived took the box office by storm, but for those who started with the books there were some omissions that just can't be forgiven. For those who have read the books over and over, these won't come as any surprise, but if you've only watched the film get ready to find out what you have been missing. From Squibs to the reason Hermione and Ron finally got together or why Voldemort was evil, there were plenty of magical moments we were disappointed didn't make the cut. Peeves the poltergeist runs around the castle taunting the students mercilessly in the books, but his joking nature was sorely missed from the movies.

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