10 interesting facts about cs lewis

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10 interesting facts about cs lewis

Into the Wardrobe: C. S. Lewis and the Narnia Chronicles by David C. Downing

Published in the early 1950s, C. S. Lewiss seven Chronicles of Narnia were proclaimed instant childrens classics and have been hailed in The Oxford Companion to Childrens Literature as the most sustained achievement in fantasy for children by a 20th-century author. But how could Lewis (a formidable critic, scholar, and Christian apologist)conjure up the kind of adventures in which generations of children (and adults) take such delight? In this engaging and insightful book, C. S. Lewis expert David C. Downing invites readers to join his vivid exploration of the Chronicles of Narnia, offering a detailed look at the enchanting stories themselves and also focusing on the extraordinary intellect and imagination of the man behind the Wardrobe. Downing presents each Narnia book as its own little wardrobe - each tale an opportunity to discover a visionary world of bustling vitality, sparkling beauty, and spiritual clarity. And Downings examination of C. S. Lewiss personal life shows how the content of these classic childrens books reflects Lewiss love of wonder and story, his affection for animals and homespun things, his shrewd observations about human nature, along with his vast reading, robust humor, theological speculations, medieval scholarship, and arcane linguistic jokes. A fun glossary of odd and invented words will allow readers to speak with Narnian flair, regaling friends and family with unusual words like cantrips, poltoonery, hastilude, and skirling. A masterful work that will appeal to both new and seasoned fans of Narnia, Into the Wardrobe offers a journey beyond Narnias deceptively simple surface and into its richly textured and unexpected depths.
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10 CS:GO Facts You Probably Didn't Know

C.S. Lewis Facts

Lewis Biography Summary: C. Lewis - was famous for writing The Chronicles of Narnia. Lewis was an incredibly intelligent and highly educated man. He also had a wonder imagination. His books have been translated into over thirty languages and sold millions of copies across the globe. He had also seen the very worst of life during the war when he served his country. He was also an honorable man when he kept his word to his friend who did not return home with him and he looked after his family.

That's right. He didn't have any children of his own, but 2 step sons. Thanks again, keep on the goodness. I love this, it helped me a lot with a project I had to do for school. CS Lewis was my second cousin, his mother's brother, was my Grandfather! Burnes William E.

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The Chronicles of Narnia

CS Lewis was a popular Irish writer. His complete name is Clive Staples Lewis. - Reading and education were valued highly in the Lewis household. Lewis

Some of the interesting facts about C. Lewis that follow touch upon his friendship with J. Lewis and J. Tolkien once went to a party dressed as polar bears. Neil Heims, in a recent book on Tolkien, lists Lewis as his fellow party guest, similarly attired in ursine costume. Certainly, the eccentric sense of humour of the two writers is well known: according to Carpenter, Tolkien was also known to dress up as an axe-wielding Anglo-Saxon warrior and chase his bewildered neighbour down the road.

Toggle navigation. Lewis Facts. Lewis Facts C. Lewis Clive Staples Lewis was one of the most influential writers of his time, most well-known for the series The Chronicles of Narnia. In C. Lewis' mother died and he was sent to England to school. In he enrolled at Campbell College in Belfast, but respiratory problems caused him to leave the school.

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