Everything you need to know about adventure time

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everything you need to know about adventure time

Adventure Time: Playing with Fire by Danielle Corsetto

The hit Adventure Time comic continues with a brand new original graphic novel series!What Time Is It? Adventure Time! A full-length ADVENTURE TIME original graphic novel in the same popular format as Scott Pilgrim and your favorite manga! Join Finn as he goes on his most intense adventure yet…with his crush, the Flame Princess! Written by acclaimed web cartoonist Danielle Corsetto (Girls with Slingshots)!
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107 Adventure Time Facts Everyone Should Know! (ToonedUp #15)

Adventure Time is the source of much of my happiness. Five years, six seasons and countless comic and game adaptations later, Adventure Time still commands a powerful and creative! On the surface, yes.
Danielle Corsetto

The Adventure Time Encyclop?dia

Yes, the show has a Candy Kingdom, unicorn-rainbow hybrids, and a princess made entirely of sentient bubblegum. Adventure Time is a whole lot of fun, but it's also bildungsroman of epic proportions. The pair lives in a treehouse in the Land of Ooo, the spectacular ruins of post-apocalyptic Earth repopulated by adorable mutants, magical creatures, and lab-developed beings. Adventure Time has been called the best science fiction show on television. But even if you disagree with that assertion, you can still count on it to inspire the next generation of artists who are watching this trippy, visual playground unfold while they're still in their pajamas and munching on Fruit Loops.

It was written by Martin Olson.
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Classics like The Simpsons , South Park, and a bit later on Family Guy and Futurama entirely changed the way that the world viewed animated television. Cartoons switched from a quick and easy way to shut your kid up on a Saturday morning to a method of adult relaxation alongside your favorite vulgar idiots. Every once in a while, though, you get a show that catches the attention of both kids and adults. Then, in , Spongebob Squarepants caught the attention of everyone, too; it was the highest rated television show to ever air on Nickelodeon, and one third of viewers were adults. As the show came to a close, key contributors like Derek Drymon and Tom Kenny teamed up with creator Pendleton Ward to start an entirely new project — Adventure Time, a beyond random show about a boy and his dog in a magical post-apocalyptic world. Also, people of any age should be able to appreciate an aptly-timed fart joke.

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  1. Adventure Time is back this week for its eighth season, which means it's time to best buddies around the Land of Ooo, where they do indeed have adventures. War, a catastrophic event that destroyed civilization as we know it. . Fans love everything about this, but the show has actually folded fandom.

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