Dream about my husband and his ex girlfriend

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dream about my husband and his ex girlfriend

Ex Girlfriend Quotes (11 quotes)

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Published 17.12.2018

Dreaming about an Ex

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I am walking with my husband and we run into his ex-girlfriend and her sister; we all stop. The sister is pushing a baby stroller but the baby is walking. The baby reaches up to be picked up; my husband reaches down to pick up the baby but she doesn't want to go to him. When I reach for the baby, she jumps into my arms and feels as light as air. My husband walks off a little and his ex tries to play with his hands and put her butt all over him.

While possible that something the husband has said or done could have raised suspicions and triggered the dream, it is just as likely that the dream is symbolic - the ex girlfriend might represent anything that the dreamer resents for taking the husband's attention, such as his job, sports or even his parents. If you dream that your girlfriend runs off with her ex it is likely that you are feeling vulnerable or unsure about your relationship. Dreaming this can also mean that you do not trust your girlfriend. The meaning of the dream depends on the dreamer's emotions. Interpretation also depends on what is happening in the dream. Dreaming of a fight with an ex-girlfriend would be quite different than dreaming of kissing an ex-girlfriend.

Write about intriguing psychological phenomena. Dreams are illustrations It is often said that a dream represents a certain aspect or event connecting to your waking life. Your conscience is trying to tell you something. Dreams could also represent unfulfilled wishes and desires. Dreaming about love, relationships, and sex, perhaps are most common. Some of these dreams are pleasing, while others can be disturbing and irrelevant.

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I don't understand what they mean. One was with an ex of his that he kissed during an off period. The girl and I had never gotten along at all and haven't spoken in years. In my dream she and I were talking about why we didn't like each other back then, all positively, no arguing or fighting. We'd never been friends before, just immediate enemies because she didn't like me. My husband was not in this dream. In another dream, a girl he had slept with during a time we were still seeing each other, was with my husband and I at the mall.

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