When does elena find out about stefan

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when does elena find out about stefan

Nightfall (The Vampire Diaries: The Return, #1) by L.J. Smith

To save the two vampire brothers who love her, Elena Gilbert sacrificed her life.

Now that a supernatural force has brought Elena back from the dead, all handsome, brooding Stefan wants is to keep her safe. But when he is lured away from Fells Church, sleek, powerful Damon seizes his chance to win Elena over, unaware of the danger theyre both in. A malevolent being has infiltrated the town and is growing stronger. Able to possess Damon at will, the creature is also drawn to Elena and the new power she has acquired. But its after more than Elenas power: It thirsts for her death.

Elenas story continues in shadow souls!
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TVD 1X06 Stefan Elena Stefan tells Elena a few facts on vampire Holly water Drinkable

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural horror romance television series created by .. As Stefan and Damon try to figure out the identity of the new vampire in town, Stefan gives Elena more .. It also turns out that Elena is the doppelganger of Katherine Pierce, a woman who, centuries ago, seduced the Salvatore.
L.J. Smith

Does Elena find out that Stefan and Damon are vampires?

Stefan and Elena were the original and main couple of the series. Stefan originally returned to town to get to know Elena after saving her from a car accident. They instantly fell in love and began a romantic relationship in season 1, which became strained when Damon fell in love with Elena and Katherine returned to win Stefan back. Though they continuously reassured each other and remained loyal throughout seasons 1 and 2. They fell out of contact at the end of season 2, when Stefan left to save his brothers life. Though they stayed faithful to each other, whilst Elena searched for him, until Damon kissed Elena.

Elena and Stefan

Following a brief encounter with Elena and Enzo! Popular on TVLine.

The Vampire Diaries fan-favorite didn't get the chance to savor her long-awaited romantic moment with her BFF-turned-something-more Stefan Paul Wesley in last week's episode, because almost immediately after they shared a passionate and beautiful kiss — on a cabin porch in the woods with the sunset in the background no less swoon! She raced to the hospital to spend her mother's last few moments with her, giving her a beautiful memory to leave with, and we cried buckets as Caroline was forced to say goodbye to her mother all too soon. Aaaaaand we just started crying again. Since Caroline is Caroline, she's going to attempt to cope with her grief by doing what she does best: keeping busy. Caroline is going to spend tomorrow's episode, appropriately and heartbreakingly titled "Let Her Go," running around, assigning herself and her friends tasks as she preps for her mother's funeral.

The Vampire Diaries is an American supernatural horror romance television series created by Kevin Williamson based on the novels of the same name by author L. It was officially picked up for the —10 season on May 19, The series focuses on the fictional town of Mystic Falls, Virginia, that is charged with supernatural history. Kayla Ewell portrayed Vicki Donovan for the first seven episodes until her character was killed off. Matt Davis was later cast as a history teacher in a recurring role to fill the void. He was later upgraded to series regular status.

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  1. How does Elena find out that Stefan is a vampire in the Vampire Diaries? - syllusive.com

  2. When Elena finds out, she ends her relationship with Stefan. and Elena find Giuseppe Salvatore's spell book, and we learn that Anna is the.

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