Dream about losing an earring

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dream about losing an earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

With precisely 35 canvases to his credit, the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer represents one of the great enigmas of 17th-century art. The meager facts of his biography have been gleaned from a handful of legal documents. Yet Vermeers extraordinary paintings of domestic life, with their subtle play of light and texture, have come to define the Dutch golden age. His portrait of the anonymous Girl with a Pearl Earring has exerted a particular fascination for centuries - and it is this magnetic painting that lies at the heart of Tracy Chevaliers second novel of the same title.
Girl with a Pearl Earring centers on Vermeers prosperous Delft household during the 1660s. When Griet, the novels quietly perceptive heroine, is hired as a servant, turmoil follows. First, the 16-year-old narrator becomes increasingly intimate with her master. Then Vermeer employs her as his assistant--and ultimately has Griet sit for him as a model.
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Dreaming of items either stolen or going missing in yor dreams

What does it mean if you dream about losing an earring?

In the dream to see earrings, the dream about the future of the person who will take no initiative and no doubt, to multiply the existence, will be in luxury, will be comfortable to live and the opportunity to increase the level of prosperity is said to enter jobs. The success of the dream owner will increase the reputation, reputation and income will be auspicious developments and trade will increase their fortune. Seeing earrings in the dream means fortune. It indicates that a person will make a big income by doing a job that no one has ever tried and did not. In the dream, the person who saw the earrings will have a heart-tingling relationship and will be happy. When one sees that he is wearing an earring in his dream, he points to his devotion to religion, his peace of mind and comfort, his peace.

Page 1. End Credits. Page 2. To see the letter "E" in your dream implies ease and relaxation. The drug ecstasy is often referred to as "E". It also represents self-renewal and your connection with your spirituality.

Dreaming of earrings in general, for example when you open a vanity drawer and you see a beautiful set of earrings that you are longing to wear, could pertain to some new learning, truth or information in reality. The dream could also be a symbol of receiving a gift from someone. Alternatively, if you are an unmarried woman and you see earrings in your dream, it could signify a party or gathering, including someone else's planned wedding. If you are a married woman and you have this dream, be prepared as it could mean becoming pregnant soon and giving birth in the nearest future. If you dream of finding earrings, for instance when you are cleaning your room and you accidentally find a piece of heirloom earrings from your grandmother, it could be symbolic of happiness and joyful experiences in your life. The dream could also refer to becoming wealthier and prosperous in reality which you have been working hard for and waiting for a long time.

Dreams About Jewelry Meaning and Interpretation

The meaning of dreams about jewelry can vary and is usually related to your personal attitude towards jewelry. The type of jewelry you dreamed of, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. Jewelry in your dreams can foretell your prosperous future and success, as well as being able to afford all you want.

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Earrings in a dream are a good sign of wealth and prosperity. They also, since they are attached to the ear, can draw attention to aspects of hearing and so in the waking world will indicate things being said, possible rumors, and needing to listen in the waking world. When you dream of earrings in general this is a positive sign for the most part. Earrings, especially rich earrings denote wealth. If the earrings are rubies or diamonds or sapphires that are expensive, then you can expect to get good information about money.

This dream could have several different interpretations. Because an earring is associated with the ear, it could represent a loss of hearing or a failure to listen. Alternatively, it could reflect the dreamer's feeling of not being totally equipped for some stressful situation. It means that you feel that you are losing influence or that you are losing your personal power. Alternatively, it could mean that it is time for you to make an appointment for a dental checkup. Losing your voice in a dream indicates that you feel that you are not being heard when you try speak out regarding what is important to you.

Islamic dreams about Lost Earring find dream interpretations. Getting lost in a dream also means bad luck. If one loses a garment or a house in a dream, it means extra expenses, repairs, or taxes he will pay for his property. If one is stripped of his entire wardrobe in a dream, it means that he will avoid an evil and a costly incident. Also see Wandering Getting lost Dream Explanation See Lost; Wandering Lost object Dream Explanation See Compensation; Finding something Finding a lost object Dream Explanation See Compensation; Finding something Traversing through Wasteland, Wilderness or the Desert Dream Explanation If a person sees himself traversing through wasteland, wilderness or desert in such a manner that he does not get lost it means he will remains steadfast upon the religion of Islam. If he gets lost it means he is in doubt about Islam. Finding something Dream Explanation Abandoned; Discarded item; Lost item; Gleanings Finding something abandoned or discarded or lost in a dream means receiving a precious gift from an employee or a servant one will treasure, or it could mean receiving a cheap item one cares to keep, receiving an inheritance, or it could mean begetting a blessed son.

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  1. In this dream you may have Worn earrings. Given or received earrings as a present. Broken an earring. Lost an earring. Found an earring. Searched for an.

  2. To dream that you lose an earring indicates that you are being misguided. Ears. To see ears in your dreams suggest that you need to be more responsive or.

  3. To dream of losing your earring, such that when you feel your ear lobes with your hand and you are disappointed that you are missing one earring which you.

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