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speak about your role model

Role Models Quotes (97 quotes)

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Published 20.12.2018

How To Answer The Job Interview Question, "Who's Your Role Model?"

Who is your Role Model Best Answer for Interview

Learning from other people can often be a much bigger resource for improving our lives than any book or class. When you find someone who has real world experience in an area of life you want to improve, they can become an endless resource of education and motivation to fuel your own self improvement. In this article, I describe things you can do to make the most of your role models. This is assuming you already have some role models to choose from and learn from. The main goal with any role model is to get inside their head and try to understand their inner thoughts, feelings, and attitude as best as you can. Here are effective ways to start doing that. One of the best ways to learn the mindset of your role models is to keep a collection of their work including any quotes, images, articles, videos, and whatever else you can find that reveals their personality.

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Super humans. She is my mother., Please remember that in the actual test you should give honest answers and talk about your own experiences, thoughts, feelings and opinions.

It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path- Agatha Christie. Even though I grow old by the passing second, to my mother I will forever be her little girl. My mother is the most important person in my life. I cannot explain it, but when she is around I feel safe and happy. This is because my mother is very sincere and trustworthy. Never once in my life have I ever heard my mother tell a lie, without a concrete reason as to why she said it. The only time she told us a lie was to make us feel good whenever we were sad.

I haven't been interviewed yet but I feel that what an interviewer might be looking for in an answer would be an idea of what your values, beliefs and aspirations are as a person. Irrespective of who family or not a person is, the bottom line is how has their embodiment as a role model to YOU positioned you in terms of what the consulting firm is looking for. I would say my dad for example, is one of my role models. He inspired me to never give up, made me believe I could do anything I set my mind to and always made me see that I could also be the best. He never believed in the words "it's impossible" or "I can't" and hated hearing "but" as the beginning of a sentence after he had challenged me to give something my best. As a result, I am more assertive, competitive and eager to learn and achieve as much as I can in life. I say "yes" to opportunities and always try to make an attempt at something rather that shying away and saying I cannot do it.

There may be numerous circumstances in your life that will need you to describe your role model. It may be during your class lecture, a job interview or even as a part of a conversation with your friend. Most people assume that role models are celebrities and other well-known personalities. However, your role model could be anyone from your family, friends, and teachers to a social activist. Role models are different for different individuals because every person's choice, taste and characteristics are different. In fact, one can even have multiple role models.

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  1. They will never judge our past actions, instead only look to help because they really care. A role model is someone who we should never feel awkward talking to.

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