Reflection about the importance of family

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reflection about the importance of family

Family Quotes (4786 quotes)

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Published 20.12.2018

10 Reasons Why Family is Important

Reflection on Family

In the last few posts on the family it is clear how important family is in shaping us who we are today. It may be worth while to reflect on our own families to see how close it come to an ideal one ; if it significantly fall short of the ideal then how could have it been better? Immediately, I can sense the aliveness, the genuineness, honesty and love, I feel the heart and soul present as well as the head. I would feel like a person in my own right — noticed, valued, loved, and clearly asked to notice, value and love others. How close was your family to this description?

It is a time to reflect on the vital importance of families and their role in building stronger communities. Families Australia has been privileged to convene National Families Week each year for the past 14 years. Over that time more than a million people have participated in thousands of community events around Australia to celebrate the centrality of families in our lives. The diversity of events mirrors the diversity of families in Australia today. Whatever form they take, families are our most time-honoured settings for receiving, giving and nurturing love, understanding and support.

During my junior year in high school, I became very close friends with a baseball player named Henry Hedeen. My immediate family is a very insular — we rarely spend vacations or holiday time with other families. While we all now live in Stanwood, a conservative farm town in Washington state, my family has spent over 25 years in Southern California. To add to the contrast in experience, Henry goes to an interdenominational Christian college, while I attend Stanford University two schools with very different approaches. Between our two families, we have a wide variety of opinions on every topic — race, politics, sports, anything you could think of. We always have good natured talks about these subjects, making a legitimate effort to consider another perspective.

Why: Think of reflection as a time for encouragement to continue doing others good, and prepare to have a meaningful conversation. Reflecting on your family volunteer experience allows everyone — especially children — to clarify any new emotions, lessons or information learned; recognize their accomplishments and who they helped; understand the cause, their community, and family members better; and gain feedback or think through new ideas. All reflection helps create a deeper, better experience that can help develop volunteering into a smart, healthy habit.
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Family Reflection Paper On Family

Explain to the family that 10 is the best that they have ever been and 0 is the worst the family has ever been. Using circular questioning, a therapist will ask all members and hopefully throughout the sessions the number will increase, showing progression and improvement within the family Gehart, Again, general strengths may include that a family has solid social support, stable employment, and an impactful spiritual. Essay on Family Reflection Paper In life we have four attachment styles which are secure, ambivalent, avoidant and disorganize attachment. As a child we might start forming up a secure attachment with our caregivers, parents, grandparents or our faster parents.



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  1. Family is likely one of the most powerful forces in the entire world. And there are things about it that make it that way. Though for each of us.

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