Information about stonehenge for kids

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information about stonehenge for kids

The Secrets of Stonehenge by Mick Manning

Why was this amazing monument erected? How did our Stone-Age ancestors bring such massive stones to the site from so far away? How did they raise the enormous stones to their upright positions? What was Stonehenge used for, and who lived around the site? With captions and pictures, and using up-to-the-minute research discoveries, Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom tell the incredible true story of this awe-inspiring monument—one of the greatest ancient sites in the world.
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How Was Stonehenge Created? - Animated History

Stonehenge Facts

Stonehenge, found in Wiltshire, England, is a prehistoric wonder of huge stones set in a ring formation. It is believed that Stonehenge was built between BC to BC; this would make it about years old! The myths around Stonehenge range from scientific to religious and we have to wonder if we will ever discover the true meaning behind the ring of stones. There are very little records with information about Stonehenge, the only information we have about Stonehenge is thanks to scientific and archaeological research. Another mystery about Stonehenge is how the builders of this monument actually transported the stones as they are absolutely enormous!

Stonehenge was built around BC. It is kind of a circular earthwork. It is in the center of a large number of Bronze Age and Neolithic monuments. It is located on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. This monument is managed by the English Heritage and owned by the crown.

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Fun Facts about Stonehenge for Kids Discover fast, interesting fun Facts about Stonehenge for kids with some amazing, cool and quick information about how the huge stone construction rings of stones arrived to the site in Wiltshire, England. Our facts have been simplified to help children understand this awesome Wonder of the Middle Ages. Find out why Stonehenge has religious significance and why people visit the manmade structure to worship. Our facts sheet contains vital details such as how big and how heavy the stones are, what type of stones were used in its construction, why historians think it exists and how many years ago it was built. Did You Know?

It is made of a henge , with standing stones in circles. There were three main building phases, each between about BC and BC. The post holes for the timber have been found. Around BC, the builders gave up timber in favour of stone. Most of the construction took place between and BC. The first stone circle was a set of 'bluestones'. The holes held up to 80 standing stones shown blue on the plan , only 43 of which can be traced today.

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