What does it mean when you dream about planes crashing

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what does it mean when you dream about planes crashing

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Published 21.12.2018

Dream of Plane Crash, Dream of Escape

Experiencing plane crash dreams, dreams about being the victim of a childhood home by my mother, and every time it happens, I wake up in.

Dream interpretation Plane crash

Dreams about plane crashes are not that unusual, especially for those who have fear of flying and heights. If you fall into this category of people, then this dream could simply be a representation of your fear that your brain is expressing in your dream. If you are not afraid of planes and flying on planes, then your dream could have a special or symbolic meaning behind it. We will list few examples of dreams about plane crashes that you could dream about, and the secret meaning behind these dreams. If you had a dream about surviving a plane crash, then this dream is a representation of success you are going to experience very soon.

That is why, a dream about a plane crash, might indicate having unrealistic goals, which cannot be easily achieved or cannot be achieved at all. This dream might indicate the need to change your goals, because they are impossible to achieve. Sometimes it might indicate lacking the confidence to achieve your goals. If you dreamed you were about to crash in an airplane, and you woke up right before that happened, that is probably a sign of your anticipation of a failure or something failing in your real life. These dreams bring a powerful message and they are not to be ignored. They can often indicate some danger you are exposed to, or you might be exposed to in the near future. Your own subconscious can represent that danger, with feelings of panic and pessimism, and negative state of mind.

Traffic means in dreams usually symbolize our body, but our life path as well. These dreams reveal where we currently stand in our life and how far we have reached in fulfilling our goals and dreams. Dreams about planes have similar meanings. Planes in dreams also symbolize some things and people which are distant from us for some reason, either emotionally or physically. Dreams about traffic accidents are disturbing dreams and usually have a significant meaning regarding our lives. They are often a result of an accident we have experienced and the trauma which still haunts us. Sometimes they can be provoked by some daily experiences, such as being witness to an accident, or hearing about one.


Unfortunately, there may well be times when your precognitive senses are accurate, although you may not witness or be on the plane in question. That said, if you do not notice any kind of pattern of dreams and crashes, then you can, and should look to your own inner landscape in order to find out what is going on. General Dream Meaning: Plane crash The visual aspects of a plane crash may symbolize the fact that you cannot achieve goals as you have them arranged, while the crash itself may represent your feelings. If you feel helpless while you watch the plane crash, it can indicate that you are setting yourself up for failure because of your beliefs about any challenging goal or situation in your life. Oddly enough, if you are aware of the sound of a plane crashing, it may mean that you will succeed in achieving your goals. In general, a plane usually relates to your lifetime goals and ambitions.

Nothing can be compared to the dread of experiencing a plane crash with your eyes witnessing all the horrors going around until the last second till you meet your death. No one wants to be a witness or experience such situation, but what If you are trapped in your dream forced to undergo all the terrible feelings of pure fear and utmost horror associated while experiencing a plane crash. To Dream of a plane crash signifies the unrealistic goals that you have set in your life, it may represent certain fear you have or can be symbolic of a negative journey that you are soon going to embark. To understand more what a plane crash in a dream signifies and what are some everyday situations associated with a plane crash that appear in our dreams, let us continue and see how to interpret them accordingly. Dreams are always the reflection of the feelings and situation that we experience in our daily life. Sometimes they offer us comfort by allowing us to hide in a utopic land and sometimes it magnifies the real-life problems turning our dream into nightmares. To dream of a plane crash is such an example which are associated with the unfulfilled feelings, personal conflicts and unresolved issues in our lives.

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