Class maintenance is all about

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class maintenance is all about

RCM--Gateway to World Class Maintenance by Anthony M. Smith

Reliability-Centered Maintenance provides valuable insights into current preventive maintenance practices and issues, while explaining how a transition from the current preserve equipment to preserve function mindset is the key ingredient in a maintenance optimization strategy. This book defines the four principal features of RCM and describes the nine essential steps to achieving a successful RCM program.

There is an easy to follow example illustrating the Classical RCM systems analysis process using the water treatment system for a swimming pool. As well as the use of software in the system analysis process, making a specific recommendation on a software product to use. Additionally, this new edition possesses an appendix devoted to discussing an economic model that has been used successfully to decide the most cost effective use of maintenance.

Top Level managers, engineers, and especially technicians who rely on PM programs in their plant operations cant afford to miss this inclusive guide to Reliability-Centered Maintenance.

Includes detailed instructions for implementing and sustaining an RCM program for extremely cost effective manufacturing
Presents seven real-world cross-industry RCM sucess case studies that have profited from this plan
Provides essential information on how RCM focuses your maintenance organization to become a recognized center for profit
Offers over 35 accumulated years of the authors experiences in Lessons Learned for the proper use of RCM (and pitfalls to avoid)
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Published 21.12.2018

Learn What Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is in this Overview Video

A world-class organization has maintenance professionals involved very early in a project. These professionals know how to perform reliability and.
Anthony M. Smith

The 3 Pillars of World-Class Maintenance

This course aims to provide a thorough understanding of machinery and equipment reliability issues and how to achieve and sustain world class levels of reliability and performance whilst optimising maintenance expenditure through the application of best practice maintenance approaches, tools and techniques. Next available: London, 09 Oct All of the structures and processes required to establish and sustain a truly world class maintenance system will be discussed. The course explores the different maintenance strategies that could be employed along with the latest approaches, tools and techniques and the practical steps needed to achieve world class levels of performance. Practical examples, guidelines and checklists will be provided as part of the course documentation. This course is aimed at engineering, asset, maintenance and reliability managers and aspiring managers working within or supporting manufacturing, industrial, utilities or commercial sectors with responsibility for the application and improvement of maintenance plans and procedures.

Most everyone would agree that striving for world-class maintenance status is a good thing, but what exactly does this mean and how do you know when you get there? An athlete knows there are world records to beat because the records for any given event are measured in seconds, pounds or feet. These metrics signal if the athlete has beaten the previous records, elevating him or her to "world class. Again, these services use generally accepted measures that let companies know when they achieve world-class status. Given all the engineering and metrics involved, you would expect a similarly crisp, uniform definition of world-class maintenance. When you scan through some of the results, you will not see any common references cited or any uniform definition of world-class maintenance.

I have received many calls asking, "How can you tell if you are a world-class maintenance and reliability organization, or not? How well the systems and practices discussed in this column are being used indicate to me how far a plant has to go to become world class in the areas of maintenance and reliability. I would suggest reading this column with a group of operations and maintenance employees that includes both management and craftspeople. On a scale of zero to 10, rate your plant's use of the following systems and practices, with 10 meaning that you are so good that it would probably not pay off to do more improvements in this area. A 5 indicates that you feel you do a good job, while a zero means that your performance is a disaster. Assets are specified, designed and purchased based on life-cycle cost LCC instead of lowest cost to buy.

In my opinion, world class maintenance organizations are those that consistently demonstrate industry best practices and produce bottom-line results as well.
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Daniel Penn Associates engages your people, processes and systems to implement change and achieve sustainable bottom line results. It may even be in your mission statement. An athlete knows there are world records to beat because records in any given event are measured in seconds or pounds or feet. I did, and got about ,, results in. Scan through some of the results. Do you see any common references cited or any uniform definition of WCM?

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  1. Most everyone would agree that striving for world-class maintenance status is a good thing, but what exactly does this mean and how do you know when you get .

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