So much of what we learn about love

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so much of what we learn about love

Live And Learn Quotes (45 quotes)

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Published 22.12.2018

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So much of what we learn about love is taught by people who never really loved us.

So much of what we learn about love is taught by people who never really loved us.

Unconditional love in its most simplest form means appreciating someone else for who they truly are. It means loving them when they are unlovable, and in spite of their imperfections and mistakes. At a deeper level, it means never, ever questioning whether you'll feel any other way toward a person. It's just a comfortable knowing that this is a constant in your life. It will always just "be. When you think of unconditional love, the first thing you think of is the love a parent has for a child. But most of us strive to have those same feelings toward our friends, family and especially our lovers.

If ou belong to a community, give time as a volunteer as well as being a runner in your local park run, become one of the volunteers who organise it. Our mental health and personal well being are tied up in the quality of our personal relationships. The more closely we are connected to the people we love, the happier we feel and the more personal satisfaction we have in our lives. Most people rate moments of connection and shared enjoyment with their loved ones as their most important life experiences. These important relationships not only include family and personal friends but also the wider groups and communities we belong to. Forming connections and a sense of community with work colleagues, neighbours and the various groups that make up our identity such as sports, hobbies, religious and community groups , all contribute to our well-being.

That being said what lies below is a collection of behaviors I need to stop doing immediately. So stop telling people what you think, and start asking others what they think. It not only makes other people feel bad but it also makes you look bad. Never forget that the world is run by people who own themselves and this includes owing up to their mistakes. So stop waving your little finger, and start being a person who looks for solutions. How many times have you changed your mind because someone said you were wrong?

So much of what we learn about love is taught by people who never really loved us.- -.
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It's one of the most sought after phrases in the world. The things people will do to hear someone say, "I love you" have surprised us in countless stories, movies and songs. The things people will do for someone who loves them are equally as astounding. Why do we love hearing, "I love you" so much? Maybe its the promise of holding a place in someone's heart, or the awakening knowledge of a new significance you hold in someone's life. Often it's the phrase expressed before a relationship takes it's next step, the expression that one is loved for all their silly quirks, for their looks, for their heart, or for who they are the good, the bad, and the imperfection.

Discover the secret that has helped literally millions of people strengthen and improve their relationships - one language at a time. Take the quiz to get started. You love each other, right? The most common issue in any relationship is the communication barrier. Your Love Language profile will explain your primary love language, what is means, and how you can use it to connect to others.

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  1. "So much of what we learn about love is taught by people who never really loved us." Word Porn.

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