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who is lone survivor about

Lone Survivor Quotes by Marcus Luttrell

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LONE SURVIVOR Marcus Luttrell Operation Red Wings(PART ONE) 2014 GREAT SPEECH

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I served all over the world in the s. There are several key similarities between the work of the SAS and the Navy Seals, the elite American soldiers depicted in this film. Both involve highly trained soldiers operating in very small groups in remote enemy territory. The mountains of Afghanistan we see in the film are very like the area of Kenya where British soldiers train today. The Seals face a moral dilemma: kill a group of Afghans in order not to compromise their mission, or let them go unharmed.

The narrative takes place in Afghanistan , where the reader follows Marcus Luttrell and a group of U. Navy SEALs. After joining the U. Patton , for whom Danny Dietz was substituted. Their mission, Operation Red Wings , was to observe a village and capture or kill a leading Taliban member thought to be allied with Osama bin Laden. One night in June , while hiding out, the team encountered three shepherds, including a boy.

If they let them go, they can expect hundreds of enemies swarming them within hours. If they kill them, they violate the Geneva Convention. What should they do? But director Peter Berg did splice in some Hollywood drama. The SEALs also worried about the terrain — a steep and jagged mountain with no trees to offer cover. And the men were clearly apprehensive before they went on the mission: SEALs usually take eight magazines of bullets with them on missions; all four men took eleven.

It's pm in Florida when Marcus Luttrell calls.
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  1. Laden with weapons and gear, Petty Officer Marcus Luttrell grasped the rope dangling from the rear of the Chinook transport helicopter and descended into the moonless night.

  2. Lone Survivor is a American biographical military action film based on the eponymous non-fiction book by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson.

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