10 sentences about kindness to animals

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10 sentences about kindness to animals

Quote by Arthur Schopenhauer: “Compassion for animals is intimately associated...”

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How to Be Kind to Animals: 10 Ideas for Kids with Free Printable

Kindness and justice to animals is an essential part of human virtue. They deserved kindness because they are dumb and helpless and cannot plead their own cause. Cruelty to animal is often due to the thoughtlessness and lack of imagination. Prevention of cruelty to animals must be considered as a very important need. Animals serve us in many ways.

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In fact, showing kindness and compassion to the most vulnerable of our fellow earthlings i. Teaching children to be kind to animals and emphasising the importance of extending compassion and consideration to other living beings, is an important and valuable life lesson. Here are five helpful tips for teaching children to show kindness to animals on World Kindness Day and each day thereafter:. The best way to show children that animals have their own unique place in the world is by observing them in their natural habitat. Taking children to see captive animals perform tricks in a circus or in a theme park reinforces the problematic idea that animals exist for the sole purpose of serving humans i. Spending time in nature e. Teach your child the importance of respecting other animals from a distance and protecting their habitat by not littering.

Read more about: animals , Jewish Values , kindness , kindness to animals 6 Ways to Show Kindness to Animals One of the easiest ways to teach children about kindness and empathy is to start by helping them learn about treating animals well. In Jewish teaching, compassion, one of the highest virtues, is extended to animals as well as to humans. The simple activities nurture compassion towards animals while providing opportunities for family fun and togetherness. Whether you have a dog, cat, iguana, fish, backyard chickens, or all of the above, the bond that children form with a pet establishes a respect for animals early on. Teaching children about being gentle when they handle their pet, and talking to them about their responsibility in caring for the pet, is an easy way to teach kindness to animals.

Animals of all kinds enrich our lives. They can be our friends or inspire our imagination. Additionally, try to avoid chasing or grabbing them, since that can be quite scary to an animal. When a domesticated animal approaches you, pet or stroke it gently so that it feels comfortable with you. For more advice from our Veterinary co-author, including how to pick up and hold a domesticated animal, keep reading.

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