Know about snow by mary rose

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know about snow by mary rose

In Falling Snow by Mary-Rose MacColl

A vivid and compelling story of love, war and secrets, set against the backdrop of WWI France. In the beginning, it was the summers I remembered - long warm days under the palest blue skies, the cornflowers and forget-me-nots lining the road through the Lys forest, the buzz of insects going about their work, Violet telling me lies. Iris is getting old. A widow, her days are spent living quietly and worrying about her granddaughter, Grace, a headstrong young doctor. Its a small sort of life. But one day an invitation comes for Iris through the post to a reunion in France, where she served in a hospital during WWI. Determined to go, Iris is overcome by the memories of the past, when as a shy, naive young woman she followed her fifteen-year-old brother, Tom, to France in 1914 intending to bring him home. On her way to find Tom, Iris comes across the charismatic Miss Ivens, who is setting up a field hospital in the old abbey of Royaumont, north of Paris. Putting her fears aside, Iris decides to stay at Royaumont, and it is there that she truly comes of age, finding her capability and her strength, discovering her passion for medicine, making friends with the vivacious Violet and falling in love. But war is a brutal thing, and when the ultimate tragedy happens, there is a terrible price that Iris has to pay, a price that will echo down the generations. A moving and uplifting novel about the small, unsung acts of heroism of which love makes us capable.
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Mary-Rose MacColl

Penguin Canadas Daily Delights: a review of In Falling Snow by Mary-Rose MacColl

I was drawn to it because its main protagonist is a nurse during World War 1. She also has a brother serving. Both these facts were somewhat similar to my work-in-progress Angel of Mercy. I was eager to compare and contrast, so I asked for the novel as a gift. She faces discrimination at the hospital where she works as a doctor and her son is suffering from a mysterious condition. Eventually, she will uncover a long-kept family secret. Both women face sexism and the stubbornness of men to break the status quo.

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Review by Sara Hodon. Iris leaves her home and family in Australia and travels to France with the goal of locating her younger brother, Tom, who lied about his age in order to serve in the military. Iris gets sidetracked when she meets Frances Ivens, superintendent of Royaumont. At first Iris is reluctant, but when she meets some of the other women at Royaumont and realizes it could take some time to locate her brother, she agrees to stay. This decision ultimately changes the course of her life. In many ways, she says, her life begins at Royaumont.

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