What was rain man about

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what was rain man about

Rain Man by Kieran McGovern

1. penguin readers level3
2. Oct 10, 30 minutes Oct 13, 40 minutes
3. Autism / genius / memory / brothers / trip / human drama
4. (a) The older brother, Raymond Babbitt has genius memory but he is autism and has hospitalized. And, the younger brother, Charlie Babbitt is a car dealer of used car and he is really selfish. One day, Charlie knew that Raymond take over his died fathers inheritance, he decide to take his brother out from the hospital to rob it of him. From that day, their strange trip started.
(b) Charlie had thought his brother to just Inheritance, but he had changed his mind to think him to Brother more and more. I had impressed with it reading this story. And especially, I was moved by the scene that charlie realized his secret friend the Rain Man was Raymond.
5. This book has little sentences, It took a little time to understand some situation because this book is a series. After I read this book, I became to want to see the movie because There were some scenes that I could not realize by only sentences. But the story itself was really interesting and impressing for me. This book tells me the important of relationship between family.
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The complete story of RainMan

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Is it possible to have a relationship with an autistic person? Is it possible to have a relationshbip with a cat? I do not intend the comparison to be demeaning to the autistic; I am simply trying to get at something. I have useful relationships with both of my cats, and they are important to me. But I never know what the cats are thinking. He can carry on conversations, stick to a schedule, compile baseball statistics, memorize dinner menus and become disturbed when anything upsets his routine. He can also count 46 spilled toothpicks in an instant and calculate square roots in a flash.

It tells the story of an abrasive, selfish young wheeler-dealer Charlie Babbitt Tom Cruise , who discovers that his estranged father has died and bequeathed all of his multimillion-dollar estate to his other son, Raymond Dustin Hoffman , an autistic savant , of whose existence Charlie was unaware. Charlie is left with only his father's car and collection of rose bushes. In addition to the two leads, Valeria Golino stars as Charlie's girlfriend, Susanna. Morrow created the character of Raymond after meeting Kim Peek , a real-life savant; his characterization was based on both Peek and Bill Sackter , a good friend of Morrow who was the subject of Bill , an earlier film that Morrow wrote. Rain Man was the highest-grossing film of Its crew received an additional four nominations.

The film opens with Charlie Babbitt depicted by Cruise in one of his finest performances , a narcissistic and selfish young wheeler-dealer in Los Angeles who is struggling to resolve an impending crisis for his car dealership over its failure to comply with EPA standards. However, upon suddenly learning of the death of his estranged father, Charlie abruptly changes course for Cincinnati in order to attend the funeral with the preeminent desire to discover what inheritance he may have been left. The funds have in fact been entrusted to a trustee who oversees their distribution to the Walbrook Institute where Raymond lives. A treatment facility for people with mental and developmental disabilities, it has been home for at least 20 years to Raymond who is arguably moderately high-functioning but still unable to really care for himself and all that entails. In addition, the director Dr. The ensuing road trip is a journey filled with humor but also with extreme aggravation.

Despite spending years in development hell, and test screenings fostering tepid and confused responses, Rain Man was a runaway success. But an influence, however benign or well-intentioned, can become suffocating if allowed to flourish for too long.
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When the Oscar-winning screenwriter Barry Morrow had the idea for Rain Man, he had barely heard of the condition. It was a tale of two estranged brothers, their journey and then their fragile redemption. Charlie, bequeathed a Buick Roadmaster convertible, kidnaps Raymond and the pair embark on a road trip. Morrow took inspiration for the plot from his own life: he once kidnapped a man with learning disabilities named Bill Sackter to prevent him from being sent back to an institution. Raymond was played by Dustin Hoffman, then 50 and a character actor at the peak of his powers, alongside the Top Gun hotshot Tom Cruise, 25, as Charlie.

Rain Man , American dramatic film, released in and starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman , that was a hit with both critics and audiences and won four Academy Awards , including that for best picture, as well as two Golden Globe Awards , including that for best drama. In Los Angeles , Charlie Babbit Cruise , a driven salesman, learns that a shipment of four Lamborghini sports cars, which are to be delivered to the customers to whom he has sold them, are being held up in port because they do not meet U. Charlie nonetheless heads out for a weekend trip with his coworker and girlfriend, Susanna Valeria Golino. On the road, he receives a phone call telling him that his estranged father has died in Cincinnati , Ohio. He and Susanna fly there to attend the funeral. The trustee proves to be the director of the Walbrook Institute, a facility for the care of the developmentally disabled, and the money is earmarked for the care of Raymond, an elder brother of whose existence Charlie was previously unaware.

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  1. Rain Man is a American comedy-drama directed by Barry Levinson and written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass. It tells the story of an abrasive, selfish .

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