Everything you need to know about the world

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everything you need to know about the world

Everything You Need to Know About the World by Simon Eliot by Simon Eliot

From weird science to pop culture, bodily functions to animal behavior, stuff to wonder aloud on a long car trip to what we never even bother to think about, let this hilarious, irreverent kids-eye view of life teach you Everything You Need to Know About the World.
Do you know that tennis was invented by monks? What is the most dangerous crocodile on earth?  How do you say fart in Romanian? What does the word pet mean in French? (Hint: it smells like a rotten egg.) How many monarch butterflies fly from Canada to Mexico every year? What really happens to our bodies during puberty? How did the Foo Fighters get their name?
Welcome to the wacky, wonderful world of Simon Eliot
. . . a place where adults and curious kids alike can learn a few facts about things you never thought you knew, or thought you knew but were wrong, or were always afraid to ask.
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101 Facts About The Earth

Everything You Need to Know About the World by Simon Eliot

As we continue to evolve, scientists believe that fewer and fewer humans will be born with wisdom teeth In the s, a Belgian village attempted to train a fleet of 37 official mail cats to deliver letters. There may be no sound in space, but it does have a distinct smell: a bouquet of diesel fumes, gunpowder, and barbecue. In Japan, letting a sumo wrestler make your baby cry is considered good luck. When a California farmer realized he was discarding tons of carrots a day because they were too bent to be sold, he gave his harvest a makeover and shaved them down to snackable nubs. Oreos are a knock-off of Hydrox cookies, which came out four years earlier in

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Everything you need to know about the Global Climate Strike in Toronto. Strikes helmed by youth have already been taking place worldwide but the climate strike in Toronto is Friday, September
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What You Need to Know About the World Around You

Given the complexity and scope of challenges we face related to science, engineering, and medicine, it can be difficult at times to separate fact from opinion. By providing basic, objective information about issues that affect us as individuals and as a nation, they aim to help people make better decisions, informed by science. American society, with a standard of living unprecedented in human history, can attribute a large measure of its success to increasingly sophisticated uses of energy.




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