Do you think about it now and then

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do you think about it now and then

Once - Do you think there should be a movie about Morris Gleitzmanns series Once Then Now After Showing 1-17 of 17

I agree, I dont think it would translate well to film (as much as I love the book.). Felix is so naive, and its the way he sees the things around him that makes the book work - in a film youd just see the reality without his take on it, and youd lose a lot of what makes the book powerful.
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Often in life, you may find yourself trying to help other people change. The core of trust in persuasive interactions is authenticity—the degree to which people think that the public face you have adopted fits who you really are inside. When people feel you are telling them things you truly believe, they are less likely to be skeptical of their interactions with you. Thus you have to see yourself as others see you. What do people perceive your motivations to be? Behavior change is hard enough to accomplish when people are willing to engage in the process. When they have reason to shy away from it because they are concerned about your motives, then you have made things even more challenging for yourself.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, know that resources are available. Text: , call TALK , or visit www. Reading this article made me deeply sad, because it made me realize just how many incorrect ideas about God are still out there, and how deeply those ideas are hurting people. We are the ones who have created societies in which individuals are judged based on their physical appearance or on their membership in particular demographic groups, rather than on the content of their character or according to their unique gifts and skills. The Rev. Leanna K.

As a classical violinist, Lara St. John has cut a fearless path from child prodigy to international fame. But long before that, she says, she suffered a tragedy that left her broken and her future uncertain. John says she was repeatedly sexually abused by the man trusted to hone her talent, renowned violinist and teacher Jascha Brodsky. Some year-old kid or someone who has been here for decades?

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Here's a list of songs whose meanings we completely miss because we either don't listen to lyrics properly or we just take the song at face value, ignoring any origins or intent of the artist. Or we just don't even realize what the lyrics really are. Then, one day, your world breaks down. The real meanings of these popular songs will shock you. Everything you knew and loved about these songs is about to turn out to be a lie because that songs you thought were innocent and sweet are often actually about the opposite. Think "Born in the USA" is a patriotic anthem?

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