Dreams about falling through ice

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dreams about falling through ice

Bouncers and Bodyguards: Tales from a Twilight World by Robin Barratt

Bouncers and Bodyguards is a collection of astonishing true stories about the tough world of personal protection and nightclub doors from some of Britains most notorious figures.

Read how Charlie Bronson helped his friends out on the doors of his local in the early 70s before being banged up for well over 30 years; how Dave Courtney misses the violent world of the doors; how ex-football hooligan Mickey Francis ran most of Manchesters doors back in the 80s; and how an ex-Foreign Legion bodyguard spent over a week cooped up in a bleak warehouse guarding Iraqi votes in central Baghdad.

By turns funny, sad and shocking, these candid accounts were written exclusively for this publication by individuals who have spent much of their working lives in what is a volatile, violent and frequently unpredictable industry.

Compiled by former bodyguard, ex-mercenary and well-known nightclub bouncer Robin Barratt, Bouncers and Bodyguards is an expose of an infamous twilight world about which rumours have often circulated but the truth has never really been uncovered - until now.
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Ice can appear in very different forms in dreams, such as rivers of lake with a frozen surface, fear of freezing, Sliding and falling on ice means cheating in love.
Robin Barratt

Ice Dream Interpretation

Ice a reflection of some "slippery" circumstances. Dreamed ice is a harbinger of a large number of disasters. In the most expensive and important for you to actually some malicious people will tend to cause injury, loss. Floating with the stream of clear water ice dream about the end of a happy period of your life, what would be the cause of human envy. Walking on the ice - a dream predicts that fleeting joy can not just take away your peace of mind, but also a good name in the eyes of others. For a young woman this dream reports that separates her from the shame of only a small step. Icicles on the roof of the house - a future of poverty and daily life, devoid of comfort.

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Seeing ice in the dream indicates that you are lacking a flow of ideas and thoughts. Everything that you attempt to do appears to be stuck and going no where. You will start a project or endeavor, only to slow down and stop completely as time goes by. Below are more ice related dream interpretations. Dream About Ice Crystals To dream about ice crystal forming in the dream, suggests that certain things are chilling or cooling off. It could refer to your motivation, or certain trends or fads.

Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings

As fires and record high temperatures bake parts of the planet, others are locked in snow and ice, freezing those places with record low temperatures. So with such extremes of weather around us, it is no wonder that a potent symbol like ice might start appearing in our dreams. For those melting in the heat, dreams of ice may provide a welcome relief, at least at a subconscious level; while for those in freezing conditions, to dream of ice may be the subconscious mind calling on images and sensations close to hand to form part of a bigger story. But as we know is so common with dreams, very rarely will a dream have simply such a literal meaning as those above. What then, is the role of ice in our dreams?

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  1. To dream that you fall and are not frightened signifies that you will overcome your adversities with ease.

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