Ned stark and robert baratheon

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ned stark and robert baratheon

Ned Stark Quotes (6 quotes)

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Game of Thrones 1x01 King Robert Baratheon names Eddard Stark Hand of the King HD

Robert Baratheon

Eddard Stark: Daenerys Targaryen has wed some Dothraki horse lord. What of it? Should we send her a wedding gift? Robert Baratheon: A knife, perhaps. A good, sharp one and a bold man to wield it.

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He is a close friend to King Robert I Baratheon , with whom he was raised. Eddard has a long face [9] and long brown hair. Eddard is known for his unwavering sense of honor [13] [14] and justice and his family finds him kind, although some consider his reserved personality a sign of coldness and disdain.

The couple lived and died before the events of Season 1, episode 1, but we've picked up enough pieces over the course of the series to create a compelling picture of the people who birthed the rightful heir to the Seven Kingdoms. A wonderful thing Game of Thrones did, particularly in its early seasons, was to assume an intelligent audience. We wouldn't be up to our eyes in Reddit theories in if we hadn't fallen for the characters and world of Westeros in or earlier, for book readers and decided to do some research to stick with it. With Jon Snow at the center of Westeros' greatest war and uniquely qualified to sit on the throne, let's take a closer look at the duo who brought him into this world and changed the course of Westerosi history forever. Back in the day, when Westeros wasn't in a constant state of open warfare, Aerys Targaryen the erstwhile Mad King was in power, and his son Rhaegar married in a strategic alliance to Elia Martell of Dorne. You'll remember Elia's name for how many times her brother Oberyn repeated it in Season 4; Elia was murdered by the Mountain, as were her children.

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  1. Robert Baratheon mourns at the funeral of Lyanna Stark. However, Lyanna was allegedly kidnapped by Rhaegar Targaryen. The Mad King had Eddard's father.

  2. Originally Answered: How could a man like Ned Stark be close friends with someone like Robert Baratheon? They were supposed to be friends.

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