Richest man in trinidad and tobago

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richest man in trinidad and tobago

Missy Pollard - Couva, 02, Trinidad and Tobago (66 books)

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Here are the list of the richest people in Trinidad and their net worth: 1. Who is the richest man living in Trinidad and Tobago? Views.

Trinidad and Tobago

The richest person in Australia is mining tycoon Gina Rinehart. Rinehart, 62, was born into wealth, but greatly expanded her lot, including inking a partnership between Hancock and natural resources behemoth Rio Tinto on a massive iron ore project called Hope Downs. Slumping iron ore prices have diminished her fortune in recent years. At 20, Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote borrowed money from his uncle to start a business that dealt in commodities trading, cement, and building materials. He quickly expanded to import cars during the country's economic boom. Four years later, in , he formed Dangote Group, an international conglomerate that now holds diversified interests including food and beverages, plastics manufacturing, real estate, logistics, telecommunications, steel, oil, and gas.

It is recognised as a high-income economy by the World Bank. Unlike most of the English-speaking Caribbean, the country's economy is primarily industrial, [10] with an emphasis on petroleum and petrochemicals. The country's wealth is attributed to its large reserves and exploitation of oil and natural gas. Trinidad and Tobago has earned a reputation as an excellent investment site for international businesses and has one of the highest growth rates and per capita incomes in Latin America. Recent growth has been fueled by investments in liquefied natural gas LNG and petrochemicals. Additional petrochemical, aluminium, and plastics projects are in various stages of planning.

Let's take a look at 10 of the wealthiest people in the Caribbean island that is Trinidad and Tobago. It's interesting to see a female billionaire topping the list as this is a rare occurrence for most rich list of countries. Do you know of any other wealthy men or women in Trinidad and Tobago. Comment below if you think we missed anyone out. Within our list we include information about the estimated net worth of these millionaires and billionaires as well where their riches are though to have come from. Jump to.

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Trinidad and Tobago relies on its energy sector for much of its economic activity, and has one of the highest per capita incomes in Latin America. Trinidad and Tobago is buffered by considerable foreign reserves and a sovereign wealth fund that equals about one-and-a-half times the national budget, but the country is still in a recession and the government faces the dual challenge of gas shortages and a low price environment. Large-scale energy projects in the last quarter of are helping to mitigate the gas shortages. Energy production and downstream industrial use dominate the economy. Trinidad and Tobago is home to one of the largest natural gas liquefaction facilities in the Western Hemisphere. The country produces about nine times more natural gas than crude oil on an energy equivalent basis with gas contributing about two-thirds of energy sector government revenue. Economic diversification is a longstanding government talking point, and Trinidad and Tobago has much potential due to its stable, democratic government and its educated, English speaking workforce.

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