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scary stories to tell in the dark free

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz

This spooky addition to Alvin Schwartzs popular books on American folklore is filled with tales of eerie horror and dark revenge that will make you jump with fright.

There is a story here for everyone—skeletons with torn and tangled flesh who roam the earth; a ghost who takes revenge on her murderer; and a haunted house where every night a bloody head falls down the chimney.

Stephen Gammells splendidly creepy drawings perfectly capture the mood of more than two dozen scary stories—and even scary songs—all just right for reading alone or for telling aloud in the dark.

If You Dare!
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How The 'Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark' Monsters Were Created - Movies Insider

Different mediums, yet they all serve the same purpose of telling a story to the consumer in the most emotionally effective way possible.
Alvin Schwartz

‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’: The 15 Most Frightening Tales from the Notorious Books

A collector of urban legends, folklore, and campfire stories, Schwartz traveled the country and dug through books of all kinds to bring his compilations together with the intent of passing them on to children who would then scare their friends with them. The next two installments came out in and , adding more missives on ghosts, monsters, and worse that continue to resonate to this day. These are the 11 that spooked us the most this time around. Schwartz kicked off the very first book with a story featuring rotting corpses, cannibalism, and the walking dead. A boy discovers a toe in his yard, digs it up, and gives it to his mom, who decides to make soup out of it before his pops cuts it into thirds for supper. What earns this one a place on the list?

If we repeat them often enough, they become real. They have that power. In the movie, that power is magical, sinister, and channeled through a physical book. Stories appear on the pages written in blood, naturally and then play out in the real world. This is a useful conceit, given that the source material is a compilation of very short, unrelated folktales. So I, a fraidy-cat at my core but ever susceptible to peer pressure, put my name on the waiting list at the school library and ended up white-knuckling my way through three paperbacks that were as scary as advertised.


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