How to stab yourself to death

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how to stab yourself to death

Stab Quotes (18 quotes)

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Published 16.04.2019

How Not To Die From A Stabbing

12 Gruesome Realities Of What It Feels Like To Die By Seppuku

Language: English Polish. We would like to present a case report of a very unusual suicide attempt. A year-old female patient tried to commit suicide by stabbing herself with a kitchen knife into her neck. Patients with self-inflicted stab wounds may have a higher incidence of surgical interventions based on the stab location. Surprisingly, the mortality associated with this kind of wound is low.

Elliott Bowes, 26, hugged Charlotte Hubbert and told her not to leave before knifing himself in the stomach with the five-inch knife, an inquest heard. An 'agitated' boyfriend stabbed himself to death with a kitchen knife during a drunken row with his girlfriend, an inquest has heard. Aspiring model Elliott Bowes, 26, spontaneously knifed himself in the abdomen as he rowed with Charlotte Hubbert at their home. He told Charlotte, 22, she "cared more" about her friends than she did him during the tragedy in August last year, the hearing was told. After stabbing himself with the "five-inch" blade, he lost a large amount of blood and his heart just gave out, the coroner said. Despite medics' best efforts, he died from his injuries the next day.

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Seppuku dates back thousands of years, and has been used as a means of suicide well into the modern age. It's also incredibly painful and complicated, and takes a lot of self control. - Clin Surg. Self-stabbing is an uncommon method of suicide and attempt of suicide, mostly chosen by young men and persons with a psychiatric history.




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  1. Suicide by means of self-inflicted stab wounds is relatively uncommon and little is known about this population and their management.

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