How to draw a fairy

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how to draw a fairy

How to Draw and Paint Fairies: From Finding Inspiration to Capturing Diaphanous Detail, a Step-By-Step Guide to Fairy Art by Linda Ravenscroft

How do you draw a fairy? Its not like you can convince one to do life modeling in your studio. How to Draw and Paint Fairies confronts the fairy labor shortage directly, explaining all the techniques needed to bring fairy art to life. For beginners, explanations of basic techniques and easy-to-follow constructional drawings, plus information on materials, sketching, forms, and color make starting out easy and pleasant. As artists progress, the book offers detailed descriptions and beautiful illustrations of little people--from flower, water, and moon fairies, to nymphs and sprites, to sirens. Basic to advanced techniques on watercolor and mixed media are covered step-by-step, and finished images from leading fairy artists provide inspiration. This beautiful book will make every artist believe in fairies.
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How To Draw A Cartoon Tinkerbell

Show less Fairies are mythical beings with magical powers.
Linda Ravenscroft

How to Draw A Fairy

Fairies are magical creatures of European mythology, although their origin is not entirely clear. Some folklore holds that fairies were evil spirits; others, that they were unworthy angels. Some stories paint fairies simply as a different race of creatures that inhabited woodland areas. Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial. Modern popular culture includes a number of fairies, the most famous being Tinker Bell. Would you like to draw your very own fairy?

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Magic and fantasy are part of this tutorial on how to draw a fairy made from a cute design! I will show you how to illustrate this fun female character using only simple shapes and a few curved lines. Carefully designed to be easy to duplicate and fun to look at, this fairy tutorial is all you need to learn how to draw this magical cartoon character easily. Let's begin with the head. To illustrate this part of the body, simply use a large oval shape. The body can be made using a small rectangle. The dress is done with another rectangle that is narrower on top.

Welcome to our drawing tutorial on how to draw a fairy. This little fairy was inspired by Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, one of the most well-known fairies of all time. Level : intermediate Tutorial steps : 6. Start by drawing the basic shapes that serve as a guide. Draw a circle for the hips and lower body. Then draw an oval shape for the torso and then another oval standing upright for the head.

Okay guys, I was looking through the 'for kids' section and I noticed that I didn't yet submit a tutorial on "how to draw a fairy for kids", step by step. Of course you know I had to fill this need right away so, what I did was make a lesson that will show all you novice artists how to accomplish the task of drawing a fairy in a very easy manner. One of the things I love about drawing stuff for kids, is how fast I can get a drawing done. It literally takes me about forty five minutes to make one 'for kids' drawing lesson from start to finish. That's including the drawing, the tutorial, and all the coloring and background creation. With this tutorial you are going to have so much fun because you will be able to follow each step with ease. Before you know it, you will be an independent artist with the ability to draw anything you want, including this fairy you see before you now.

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