How to make a beaded bezel setting

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how to make a beaded bezel setting

Beaded Bezel Cabochon Pendant: Beading & Jewelry Making Tutorial Series I20 by Sky Aldovino

Bezeling a cabochon is fun! Once you learn it youll never want to stop but continue to weave around the cabochon, exploring possible ways how to embellish the piece.
In this tutorial youll learn how to combine Right Angle Weave and Peyote Stitch for bezeling. Youll also learn how to use Ladder Stitch for creating the bail. These techniques can be used on any shape and size of cabochons. The design and pattern is simple that you can make your own variations, especially if you decide to use a cabochon bigger than what is suggested in this tutorial.
The tutorial is catered for intermediate to advance students. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. If youre a beginner and wanted to learn you may need at least basic knowledge of Right Angle Weave, Peyote Stitch and Ladder Stitch. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.
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Right Angle Weave Beaded Bezel

Catch That Cab 3 Quick Techniques for Creating a Beaded Cabochon Bezel

Weave a bezel of seed beads for any crystal stone, cabochon or other piece without a hole. It's a beautiful way to incorporate a stone into jewelry without a metal setting. Round or oval item to bezel we have used a 12mm crystal rivoli stone. Size 11 Delicas. Size 15 Japanese seed beads.

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October 30, 4 Comments. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly make any more room in my bead stash for more cabochons , Tina Holden, my Bead Soup Blog Party swap partner from earlier this year, decided to do a major destash in one of her online shops. That meant lots and lots of her gorgeous polymer clay and resin cabochons were up for grabs, and since cabochons are probably my biggest beady weakness, I found myself the lucky owner of six bags of handmade polymer clay cabochons, pendants, beads, and buttons! These polymer clay cabochons are much different to work with than the gemstone, vintage glass, or handmade ceramic cabochons that I usually use. For one thing, polymer clay cabochons are much lighter than glass, gemstone, and ceramic, so some bead artists like to use them in very intricate beaded jewelry designs. Many of these handmade polymer clay cabochons have textured backs, which makes me want to capture them in open-backed beaded bezels to show off the pretty patterns.

Ha, all of these were my "beginner" projects when I was new to bezeling cabs! And look at you now! An expert at beading cabs! These are excellent ways at showcasing cabs for sure. Wow, I remember that tutorial when it was published in Lapidary Journal! That was a trip down Memory Lane. I really liked Cyndi's free tutorial.

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