I wish i had friends

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i wish i had friends

Quote by Bill Watterson: “I wish I had more friends, but people are such ...”

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Published 06.05.2019

PACIFY - I wish I had Friends :( [Multiplayer Horror Game]

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I know I could technically do all of those things on my own. I want a friend there to share the experience. I want a friend who will answer my texts at two in the morning when I need someone to rant to about my problems. I want a friend who will walk through my door without knocking because they feel that comfortable around me. Right now, I feel completely alone. My phone rarely lights up with texts across the screen.

Hi Polly,. Having no childhood or college friends is a special kind of loneliness. Or even college friends. The oldest friends I have pretty much all date back to the job I had after college. From childhood through college, I was going through a lot and struggling to find myself. I realize now that I had major anger and insecurity issues.

I wish I had friends. I'm going to a concert next week by myself even though I bought two tickets in the hopes that I could find someone to go with me. And the fact.
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For me, college was a bit unusual. I happened to grow up in the same town as, arguably, the best university in my state, so it made sense for me to go there. I would be able to get a great degree from a school ranked highly—both academically and socially—for the reasonable in-state tuition price.

It can be a difficult process. But it's hard, and sometimes it's even more difficult for adults. For many people, leaving school and entering the workforce especially if that involves moving to a new place means it's more difficult to connect with people on a personal level. You're not a freak just because you're having a hard time making friends. This may seem counterintuitive, but it's true, because during the process of trying to make friends, you're going to spend a lot of time by yourself. If you spend all that time hating being alone and hating yourself, you're going to have a much worse time.

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