Male to female body possession

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male to female body possession

Becoming His Crush: Male to Female Body Possession by M Wills

Greg had been dreaming about her for months, and now that he was inhabiting his crushs body he was going to do everything hed imagined!

Greg and Alex were friends with the unique ability to hop into anyone elses body and control them. Where Greg took care to always return the bodies hed borrowed with no harm done, Alex was never so careful and enjoyed humiliating the people whose lives hed taken over. Greg tried to give it all up and live a normal life, until the day Alex found Gregs crush and hopped into her friend. Now, the only way Greg can protect both women is by becoming his own crush.

Despite reminding himself hes just there for her own good, Greg cant resist the temptation to play with his curvy, feminine body. And if Alex wants to join in, well, what harm would it really do?

This story contains hot, steamy scenes of M/F, F/F, oral, and exhibitionism and is for mature readers only!
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Published 24.06.2019


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M Wills

Male To Female Possession

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Few since have disagreed. Up to the close of the last century, studies of early modern demonic possession were dominated by psychoanalytic perspectives, and it seems fair to say that such perspectives are more than usually likely to produce an association between possession and the female body. More recent studies have reached the same conclusion as de Certeau from a different and more strictly historicist angle. Nancy Caciola and Moshe Sluhovsky both agree that possession was linked to femininity but trace this link to premodern medical concepts of gender rather than twentieth-century psychiatric ones. Yet the assertions of these historicist scholars are interestingly close to those of the psychoanalytic studies that preceded them. A similar trend has been apparent in medical historiography. After Laqueur sensationally claimed that the premodern era lacked a binary concept of gender, a series of major studies devoted themselves to reassessing, and to some extent rebuilding, the anatomical and physiological premises of early modern sexual difference.

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Demonic possession in Western Christianity is, like witchcraft, a discourse into which questions of gender can be articulated, and often have been articulated historically, with the sex of the possessed seen as relevant to both causes and symptoms. As with witchcraft, too, it is a discourse within which gender can, nonetheless, seem irrelevant at times or, rather, to have no prima facie significance: its documentation can be surprisingly gender-neutral. The purpose of this chapter is to assist scholars approaching the analysis of possession from a gender perspective, and particularly those writing about cases of possession among males, by delimiting a few of the questions that need to be asked before the question of gender can be addressed effectively. It begins with some methodological comments, then addresses the gender demographics of possession, and moves to a consideration of the early modern era, with particular reference to the questions of volition and responsibility on the part of the possessed. With these issues in mind, it will address two French cases of possession in adult males from the same period, in order to consider them in the light of the more famous female cases of that time and place. In this context, it will make a personal disclosure of a humbling misreading which at best can point to the pitfalls of hasty conclusions about the nature of the gender divide in relation to possessed males and females.

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