When angel come to town

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when angel come to town

Angel Town (Jill Kismet, #6) by Lilith Saintcrow

Angel Town took me months to start, weeks to read, and months to review. Not a good track record for this book. Usually when Ive read a series, I cant wait to read the last book. Here I was exhausted from the others and dreading this conclusion. When I closed the last page, I sighed in relief. Now that Im finally getting this review done and out of the way, Im again relieved.

Despite how much I fall into Lilith Saintcrows books at the beginning when the series is fresh, I seem to get annoyed when I keep reading. The same thing happened with the Dante Valentine series, although Jill Kismet treated me a little kinder. While this one still irritated me in some ways, I didnt end up seeing bright red RAGE lights flashing before my eyes like with Dante.

I slowly lose respect for the characters as I keep reading them. At this point I didnt care much and strangely was only interested in the point of view of the villain, Perry, which is an indicator youve kind of lost the reader. The protagonist killed blindly most of the series but would conveniently get a conscience with the storyline warranted it. Other characters blended together, no one standing out much, because they all tended to think and act and see things the same, mirror copies of each other.

I didnt feel the chemistry vibe of the relationship between Jill and Saul either - it was there, I guess, but my interest was nill anyway.

These books are always heavily action-orientated but this exhausting pace wears thin. Every time I turned around, it was another action scene after another, with not enough pause for me to care. Ultimately the finale and some of the overlying plot was a little confusing too.

Sometimes a relationship with a series starts on a strong note but ends badly. This was one of those times. Since its happened twice in a row to me now with this author, I dont think she and I have the chemistry to continue on into new relationships.
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When Angels Come to Town: Opening Excerpt

Angel Comes to Town

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