25th birthday quotes and sayings

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25th birthday quotes and sayings

Birthday Quotes (165 quotes)

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Published 26.07.2019

25th birthday wishes

Finally, the long-awaited day has come.

30 Awesome Happy 25th Birthday Quotes And Wishes

Turning 25 can be the most exciting feeling in the world. The beginning of a new chapter, a fresh new start with those who love and care about surrounding them. So wishing a newly year-old a Happy Birthday with a message from the heart can go a long way in making the day more special than it already is for them. Words written down speak louder, last longer and are always remembered. Here are some birthday messages that show love and care to the new 25 year old, to show them you love them and that you will always be there for them:.

Wishing you a life full of happiness and success on your 25th Birthday. You truly deserve the best. Happy Birthday! May you have all the fortune and strength to carry on in the other 3 quarters that are waiting for you. Happy Bday!

You've made it; you've reached your quarter-life, meaning you've hit It's totally a year to just live with absolutely NoRegrets. Sure, you're another year older, but that doesn't mean you have to grow up just yet. So, when you're out partying, don't stop living in the moment and get stuck when you want to post a prime birthday picture to social media. I'm all about celebrating my birthday. It's the one day of the year when I can be totally selfish.




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  1. Age of 25 is a relatively mature age when most people have already entered their professional lives.

  2. I think someone's quarter-century birthday is a major enough occasion to pick a winner of a birthday verse here.

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