When did marie antoinette die

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when did marie antoinette die

Marie Antoinettes Darkest Days: Prisoner No. 280 in the Conciergerie by Will Bashor

This compelling book begins on the 2nd of August 1793, the day Marie Antoinette was torn from her family s arms and escorted from the Temple to the Conciergerie, a thick-walled fortress turnedprison. It was also known as the waiting room for the guillotine because prisoners only spent a day or two here before their conviction and subsequent execution. The ex-queen surely knew her days were numbered, but she could never have known that two and a half months would pass before she would finally stand trial and be convicted of the most ungodly charges. Will Bashor traces the final days of the prisoner registered only as Widow Capet, No. 280, a time that was a cruel mixture of grandeur, humiliation, and terror. Marie Antoinette s reign amidst the splendors of the court of Versailles is a familiar story, but her final imprisonment in a fetid, dank dungeon is a little-known coda to a once-charmed life. Her seventy-six days in this terrifying prison can only be described as the darkest and most horrific of the fallen queen s life, vividly recaptured in this richly researched history.
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Marie-Antoinette 's history.

Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution. She was born an .. Empress Maria Theresa died on 29 November in Vienna. Marie Antoinette feared that the death of her mother would jeopardise the.
Will Bashor

The final days of Marie Antoinette

Her rejection of reform provoked unrest, and her policy of court resistance to the progress of the French Revolution finally led to the overthrow of the monarchy in August Marie-Antoinette was queen of France from to and is associated with the decline of the French monarchy. She was only 14 when her parents had her married to the dauphin Louis , grandson of Louis XV of France, for diplomatic purposes. In , when her husband ascended the throne as Louis XVI, she became queen. As queen, Marie-Antoinette was always unpopular. Marie-Antoinette was guillotined in after the Revolutionary Tribunal found her guilty of crimes against the state. The royal family had been compelled to leave Versailles in and live in captivity in Paris.

Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna, better known as Marie Antoinette, was the last queen of France who helped provoke the popular unrest that led to the French Revolution and to the overthrow of the monarchy in August She became a symbol of the excesses of the monarchy and is often credited with the famous quote "Let them eat cake," although there is no evidence she actually said it. She was 37 years old. She lived a relatively carefree childhood. With the conclusion of the Seven Years' War in , the preservation of a fragile alliance between Austria and France became a priority for Empress Maria Theresa; cementing alliances through matrimonial connections was a common practice among European royal families at the time.

The tragic tale of Marie Antoinette's death during the French Revolution is the stuff of legend. But while the story of Marie Antoinette ends with her beheading in , the tragedy of her family continued to unfold long after her death. Marie Antoinette and her husband, the Dauphin, were married for seven years before consummating their marriage -- much to the chagrin of Marie's family, particularly her critical mother, the Empress Maria Teresa of the Holy Roman Empire. Marie's place in the royal household of France and Franco-Austrian relations absolutely depended on her producing a male heir, even before her husband became the King of France in Despite the rocky start, Marie and Louis XVI would have four children -- only one of whom lived to adulthood.

Did Marie Antoinette really say "Let them eat cake”? Died: 16 October , Place de la Concorde (previously known as Place de la.
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16th of October 1793: execution of Marie-Antoinette

The history. Great Characters. She arrived at the French Court aged only fifteen. From the time of her marriage to the Dauphin Louis, heir to the throne, she found it difficult to adapt to French customs and when she became Queen, she committed more and more blunders, often unwittingly, which gradually alienated public opinion, helping to tarnish her image in a most disastrous way. A highlight of the lavish festivities to mark the royal wedding was the inauguration of the Royal Opera.

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