Serial thriller angel of decay

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serial thriller angel of decay

Ted Bundy: The Angel of Decay by Paul Lonardo

It has been thirty years since Ted Bundy, arguably this country’s most notorious serial killer, was put to death in the electric chair by the state of Florida in 1989, but there continues to exist in our society a morbid interest in him and the ghastly way he murdered and disposed of the women he abducted in the 1970s.Many people want to know how a person could do the things that Ted Bundy did. It’s truly frightening to think that there are fellow human beings who possess such dark desires and act out their murderous tendencies on the innocent and unsuspecting. We tend to think of these individuals as inhuman or “evil,” which is the only thing that makes sense to us because what drives Ted Bundy, and others like him, are not feelings that any of us can remotely relate.In exploring what might have been working inside the mind of Ted Bundy, the Angel of Decay, triggering him to brutally snuff out the lives of so many young women, the purpose is not to increase his ignominious celebrity or sensationalize his heinous acts, but to shatter any such appeal. The only way to do that is to remember the women and young girls that he killed not merely as victims, but remembering who they were, how they lived, and the impact they had on their families as well as all those around them. They had a lot more in common than being casualties of Ted Bundy’s violent psycho-sexual desires. These were human beings, children of God. They were young, filled with hope, dreams, passion, and love. They were daughters, sisters and granddaughters, would-be mothers and grandmothers to children they never had. That is what is most tragic of all about Bundy’s lasting legacy, and what should never be forgotten.
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Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay - Sneak Peek - Sunday, June 7th 10/9c

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Paul Lonardo

Hunt For a Madman

When ID Channel prepared to launch its first scripted drama series, they asked us to conceive, design and edit a riveting on-air campaign packing the punch of a theatrical trailer. These visuals, together with eerie sound design and stunning editorial, keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The goal was not to reveal the killer — there are only hints the killer in the edit — can you figure out who it was? To give it an eerie tone, the edit features sound effects created with a human voice in our VO booth. Our editor spent a ton of hours on Wikipedia researching and reading up on the true events of this story. Hunt For a Madman The Ask When ID Channel prepared to launch its first scripted drama series, they asked us to conceive, design and edit a riveting on-air campaign packing the punch of a theatrical trailer.

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Serial Thriller is a perfectly acceptable offering from Investigation Discovery, a network that barely exists. Owned by Discovery Communications, ID generally deals with true crime series that bear such sensationalized and utterly ridiculous titles as Wives With Knives , Happily Never After , and Fatal Vows ID is particularly interested in marital murder, it seems. - Sign in.

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  1. With Hilary Connell, Pippa Winslow, Amy Burke, James De'Val. Part 1: Rookie detectives investigate the disappearance of two young women from a tourist area ;.

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